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A pirate radio broadcast that can be heard throughout The Initiative and other factions.

Broadcast One

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Sept 12, 2018 First episode.

And welcome back truth seekers. Now I know that many of you are tuning in hoping to hear my expose on Initiative surveillance and how much are they actually watching. But With the events above sanctuary yesterday I felt we should take a moment To view this situation. Now as I'm sure you all know, a large vessel appeared in Sanctuary orbit yesterday. broke up and crashed mainly upon the capitol city. Now official reports will say that they don't what vessel this is, but even the INS were able to get eyewitness accounts that it is the Heart of Winter. Which apparently has been missing. Now you may recognize the name SFCV Heart of Winter, serial be be one dash zero two. As being one of the heart series of brand new battleships that have been built. The Heart of Winter itself is highly decorated and quickly become the pride of the fleet. Now it shouldn't surprise you, it certainly does not surprise me, that our glorious initiative were they able to lose an entire battleship; and let's be clear battleships do not travel alone. It would probably have had and entire associated support fleet. So not only have they last one brand new, highly decorated ship, They've lost many. And now it turns up In what can only be assumed to be a terrorist assault above Sanctuary. Now, looking through the INS here. And the official line is that the situation is under investigation, which as we all know, is military speak for "we're desperately trying to cover it up, give us more time to get our stories straight". Uhm. So I'm sure we'll hear absolutely nothing concrete about that in the future from official channels. But it's very interesting that a missing, battle fleet, we can assume, reappears a little over a month after the Aditi system lost all communication.

Now I don't know if many of you are aware of the Aditi system, it is a fairly new system within the Initiative. But it is, and has been since it's initial founding, a bed of criminal activity. A raid conducted scant two years ago with a task fleet being dispatched to try to quash the crime syndicates the were overrunning the system; and now there is not a single communication, a single vessel emerging from the system. Rather than investigating, the government has, in it's vast wisdom, sent a task fleet to, And I quote "monitor the jump points". That's it, monitor it. Now. The INS has chosen to label it a 'missing system'. Not so much missing as quarantined, it sounds to me as there is no known phenomenon capable of causing long term instability in the jump point that would reduce or stop communication in transit. Why would the powers that be want to quarantine an entire system? It certainly warrens looking into, which, as you would expect, is exactly what I did.

According to the official database. The Aditi system was surveyed. In twenty four seventy four and was first colonized in twenty four eighty five. It contains seven Planets. Of which the fifth, Taelbern, is the capital. Then we have Aditi two which holds a single mining station and Aditi Four which is well known as a criminal outpost and was the subject of the raid of 2501. Here is where it gets really intriguing though, As you know the lists of newly graduated personnel issued by our military to try and boost planetary pride lists all graduates planet of birth. And they have listed, for a couple of years now, graduates from the Aditi system. Specifically from Taelbern, about six so far. Now. It would be very hard for a Taelbernian to have graduated from military service considering the planet with only colonized eighteen years ago. Let's do the maths here, I'm sure that you keep up. Colonised eighteen years ago. It's not standard practice to send pregnant women out on colony ships, but lets assume one was. She gave birth within months of the planet being settled. That is a prodigious child who is able to graduate from military training at the age of sixteen. Which is, You know, frankly ludicrous. So either these people being credited as being born on Taelbern are not from the planet at all. or the official record has been changed. Either way there is definitely something going on here.

So, we've got a missing, INS' words not mine, system full of criminals And a vessel from a missing battle fleet involved in terrorist action. That seems like a mighty coincidence to me. Add in the fact that the initiative is doing apparently very little and even their propoganda mouthpiece can spot something is amiss, and we must be asking What are we not being told?
And that, friends, really is THE QUESTION. Until net time. Chao.

Broadcast Two

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Oct 8th, 2018 Originally one episode with Broadcast 3. Was divided into two due to time constraints.

Hello again truth seekers. I hope you found my previous broadcast on Initiative surveillance enlightening, and have taken the necessary precautions to protect yourselves. Today I will be discussing the 72 year humanitarian disaster in the Mithus system, and later, the links that system has with our supposedly peaceful neighbours the Empire of Tensa. But before we get into that I would just like to quickly address a small article that was run in the most recent I.N.S. dispatch. Being out on the edge of the colonies I've only just received this, systems out here of course, don't deserve to get the news at the time it's actually reported. But none the less. It seems that some of you have been a little bit over zealous recently. Now, I am flattered that my ramblings have such widespread popularity. And I would certainly never tell you not to question the machine or rage against the institutions that oppress us. However if we allow our people's uprisings to turn violent then the machine is able to justly their over-use of force and control. As you can see the response to the legitimate questions that you raised has been to increase military presence in those areas. And whilst It has highlighted just how little the government trusts us, the people at supposedly serves. The fact that they can claim to be maintaining security allows them to do so without answering to the people. Okay, so, on to the meat off today's broadcast. I have spent the last few cycles On the planet Dwyn which is the primary planet of the Mithus System. As I'm sure you're all aware, 72 years ago this planet suffered a catastrophic asteroid impact. Decimating the pantry infrastructure, Its food production, and killing thousands of people. Which was a tragedy of course. But the big atrocity Is the fact that 72 years later, which is a lifetime by anyone's measure, The planet and the system are still being largely ignored by initiative. Now, Two weeks ago the S.F.C.V. Heart of Winter crashed into Sanctuary in a terrible terrorist attack. As I reported at the time. Less people died in that attack, than have died not only in the initial disaster but from the chaos that followed here on Dwyn. And yet over on Sanctuary the rebuilding effort has already started. The Senate is going to be holding a memorial service. And I would imagine, by the end of the year, Apart from probably a very large statue, because they do like that kind of thing, You wouldn't even know what had happened. And yet here, out on the edge of initiative space, the government has had 72 years to help. Seventy Two Years! To provide even a fraction of the money they are currently spending on Sanctuary. Seventy Two Years! To encourage trade and commerce with the system. To provide basic Human rights to the inhabitants. Because let me tell you friends the people of Dwyn are hard people. Almost without exception if you meet someone who was born on Dwyn, they have grown up in hardship. The Planet has been without a functioning government for the best part of a century. It has been without a functioning interstellar economy for just as long. Crime is rampant. Dwyn has the highest rate of prostitution in the Initiative. And by prostitution I don't mean Your Clean and shiny Companion services you can get other worlds. These are Ladies and gentleman on the streets, Using beds in tenement blocks, And giving Significant portions of money to the organized and violent pimps that run them. Parkerston, The capital city, has the highest murder rate of any settlement within the initiative. The highest murder rate. You are more likely to die in Parkerston, purely from being murdered, than you are to die in space. Just let that sink in, We hear all the time about accidents that happen across all types of ship. From near misses with asteroids that blow out windows to manufacturing errors within the crafts themselves, Such as the Dragos Industrial Scandal. Then you add to that the threat of pilot error at jump points and even piracy. Everyone knows that no matter how safe space travel gets, There is nothing but a thin sheet of metal between you and an environment which will kill you. We all take that risk whenever we travel. We would not expect those risks at home. And yet the people of Parkeston face it every day. A huge number of people die on Dwyn From malnutrition and poor health care, It is not simply the murder rate that is killing people. This system has been left to rot. It is absolutely disgraceful. The only thing that the government has done is send troops. Two entire divisions of GFC have been deployed within the system. Two! And the navy has it principle fleets on rotation within the system. So that is destroyers, battle cruisers, frigates. For a system with two habitable planets and a couple of hundred thousand colonists. It seems a lot don't you think? All that money sitting in system yet none of it going towards the people who need it most. Well, I came here Because I was intending to run Humanitarian story about the people who have suffered because of central government disinterest and incompetence. But I discovered something while I was here that is far more Troubling. Unfortunately I'm almost out of time for today so you will have to tune in next time to find out what it is. Is our government really that uncaring, that incompetent, or is there something else going on? That is the question! Chao.

Broadcast Three

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Oct 10th, 2018 Originally one episode with Broadcast 2. Was divided into two due to time constraints.

Welcome back truth seekers. Last time I discussed the terrible conditions in the Mithus system, particularly on Dwyn. Well whilst I was here I did some digging, as I am want to do. So in 2431 asteroids bombarded the planet Dwyn. It is common knowledge that these asteroids came from within the Mithus asteroid belt. What, according to the publicly announced story, is unknown Is why. After all, the systems gas giant is significantly closer to the asteroid belt and regularly catches asteroids within it's gravity well. It is the belief among many here on Dwyn that the disaster Was not the natural accident the authorities would like us to believe it to be. But it was in fact perpetrated by The Sword. Now that is a name we have not heard in a while my friends. The Sword Movement as you recall, believe we should be returning to Earth. Or at the very least have Earth rule over us once again as a species. They assassinated the leadership after the fall of Earth, and it is well known that they instigated the Sovereign Colonies Conflict in an attempt to destabilize the government. Now, we all know that I am no fan of the Initiative's governing bodies. But I do not approve of terrorism. The initiative needs to be reformed But the people who live here, People like yourself, are hardworking and true and targeting them is unacceptable. If anything, terrorist acts like the destruction of Dwyn, As is patently obvious, do not to stabilize the government they simply harm the people. So I came here and discovered that The Sword were behind this disaster. Now if I could discover this within a few days of being planetside. Then the powers that be must surely know. I put in a few calls and talked to a couple of contacts within the system. The truth of the matter is that the authorities do know all of this. In fact, in the official records, The Dwyn disaster is classed as a terrorist incident. And yet they've still done nothing. How odd is that ladies and gentlemen. A terrorist group attacks a Colony, Causing widespread damage, leaving the system in chaos for the best part of a century. And our esteemed leaders, Knowing who is responsible, have done nothing. Well I say its odd, it is not odd at all this is a pattern that we've seen over and over again, if it's not the core worlds it's not important. I did some digging anyway, there is evidence, Circumstantial admittedly, But worth pursuing at the time. Evidence that the Sword Movement Is being funded by an entity. With significant resources. After all They were able to capture and tow Asteroids out of orbit. Enough of them to cause damage. My initial thought was that this funding was coming from within the initiative itself. Maybe a splinter faction. But looking into it. The money is coming from outside the initiative, it is seemingly coming from the Empire of Tensa. That's right you heard it, The Empire of Tensa, At least in this situation, Funded the Sword. Specifically so they could conduct a terrorist attack upon the initiative. So this is why the government is the nothing, Not simply because they don't care, and they don't lets be clear about that. But because it will be a diplomatic incident. How brilliant is that! The death of thousands he's been written off as a diplomatic incident buried under bureaucratic red tape. Now I'm sure many of you are saying that I've gone a little bit far with my speculations here and I've taken a thread and pulled until it has unraveled. However you are all aware and you've all seen the efforts put in by The Empire's new low gravity sports teams. They represent a new channel into life on Tensa. I've been able to speak to members of the support staff from these teams. Being circumspect, I obviously did not did not outright accuse them of being terrorists, I asked pertinent questions. I discovered that within the Empire of Tenser There is an organization. A military arm run by a Consortium of ruling families, That act as the Empire's exploratory force though with very little restrictions on their activities. They go out into space and have pretty much free reign to survey worlds for the expansion of the empire. This is all well and good, We have the Ranger Exploration Corps which does very similar things. What caught my attention was the name of this organization. This organisation, is called, The Sword of The Empire. The Sword, of The Empire. Why Sword? Humans haven't used swords as a symbol for martial prowess for hundreds of years. And even then symbology still places the spear as being symbol for forward movement. Now, I cannot get to Tensa myself for the moment. I cannot probe this further. But I'm not sure that this is that Occluded. After a couple centuries of not being heard of, The Sword appears To instigate the Sovereign Colonies Conflict. Then they disappear only to rise again 200 years later to conduct a terrorist attack on Dwyn. In between these times We never hear of them. Now a terrorist organization would have to continually gain funds and recruit members, and to do that they need to be seem need to be heard of. Unless, They are not a terrorist organization. At least not anymore. But are in fact A black unit using terrorism as a cover for their activities. This idea would fit the facts we know much better. But it does raise some worrying thoughts. What is the Empire's purpose and how much of this does the Intelligence Directorate know? And what is worse, the idea that the ID is so incompetent that they don't know? Or the idea that they know but are doing nothing about it? That really is the question! Chao.