Ashley Haise

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Mercy 2.0.jpg
Prince Ashley Haise
Name: Ashley Haise
Alias: Mercy
Position: Prince,
Empire of Tensa
Species: Transhuman (H+), Male
Born: December 8th, 2476,
Imperial Palace, Kaisa, Dracar, Tensa System
Missing: April, 2503,
Imperial College of Kaisa, Dracar, Tensa System
Out of Character Information
Status: Active
Player: TheRamQueenn
Affiliation: Empire of Tensa
Avatar: KENNY on Twitter

Prince Ashley Haise is the son of the Emperor of Tensa Ikarune Haise, as well as the sibling of the late Devon Haise. Ashley is next in line for the throne.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5'8"
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Hair Style: Bangs
  • Other: Scar above his right eyebrow, one on the side of his head hidden by his hair.



  • Father: Emperor Ikarune Haise, Empire of Tensa
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Brother: Prince Devon Haise, Empire of Tensa
    • Deceased, April 2503 - Imperial College, Kaisa, Dracar, Tensa System


Prince Ashley Haise was one of a pair of twins born to the Emperor of Tensa, Ikarune Haise and the Empress. Much of the Prince's early life was spent within the confines of the Imperial Palace's walls, receiving a broad and varied education from a variety of tutors, and competing with his twin, Devon.

Personality Traits


Skills and Qualifications

  • Known Languages
    • Common
    • Sino-Afrikaans