House of Planets

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House of Planets
Also Known As: Senate Building
Location: Terra Casus, Sanctuary
Purpose: Senate Building
Controlled By: The Initiative

The House of Planets is the name of the building housing the senate of The Initiative.


The House of Planets was constructed in 2106 CE, to house the Senate of the Initiative, on land previously occupied by the former colonial-era government complex. It was designed to house representatives from each colony with a population over ten thousand. It's design was influenced by a fictional building from a 1953 CE novel by Andre Norton, entitled "The Last Planet" that featured a similar structure.


Located on the Plaza de Fondateurs (Plaza of Founders), the House of Planets serves The senate hall is laid out in a circle, with tiers of desks arranged by planet size, with the largest seated the closest to the open center. It was designed to hold up to five hundred planetary representatives. The dome of this chamber is dark, with a projected starfield which highlights the star of the representative talking. Much of the building itself is built of marble, with high vaulted ceilings, and ornately carved pillars.


The House of Planets is designed to be defensible by an under strength battalion in the event of an emergency. Many of the doors between key sections are armored beneath the ornate designs. Scattered throughout the complex are arrays of cameras and sensors hidden in the ornate wall designs. In addition to the myriad of hidden sensors and reinforced construction, a vast number of armories and as well equipment to support heavy weapons are scattered throughout the complex, often hiding in near open sight.