Sovereign Colonies

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Sovereign Colonies
Political Information
Relation with the Initiative: Hostile
Threat Level: Low
Enemies: The Initiative
Military: Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces
Sovereign Colonies Militia
Societal Information
Size: Small
Historical Information
Formed From: The Initiative
Established: 2237 CE
Disbanded: 2238 CE

The now defunct Sovereign Colonies were colonies that decided to rebel against The Initiative.


Beginning in 2229 CE / 1TTC, a new religion began to form within the Initiative, referred to as the Talrosian Doctrine. While many colonies chose to ignore this, it was strongest in a trio of star systems. These colonies would begin to try to stamp out this new religion, which only sparked more fervent belief in it. When the Initiative stepped in an attempt to stop humanitarian crisis, the three star systems chose to secede. Because of their initial decisions, the Sovereign Colonies only lasted until 2238 CE. The three primary worlds of the Sovereign Colonies were recaptured entirely within a matter of weeks, with the rest of their star systems falling shortly thereafter. Despite that, the Sovereign Colonies persisted, with its most die-hard citizens conducting guerrilla campaigns against the occupying forces. However, near the middle of 2238, after months of strikes by the occupying forces, even these die-hard fanatics were forced to surrender, and with them, the Sovereign Colonies were abolished.


The Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces (SCAF) was derived from the System Defense Forces (SDF), the Civil Defense Forces (CDF), and portions of local Ground Forces Command (GFC) garrison, in addition to newly raised militias. Much of the equipment used by the SCAF's ground forces was that issued by the Initiative to the units that defected, as well as hunting weapons and improvised equipment, while the vessels were those used by the Civilian System Patrol (CSP) and the SDF.