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Designations: Arc 7b
Star System: Arc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Natural Satellites: Ares (Binary Planet)
Control: The Initiative
Interest: Industrial Area

Tyr is a half of a binary planet system in orbit around Arc. Tyr, and it's sister planet, Ares, are heavy industrial planets. Because Tyr is a Martian world, effectively lifeless on the surface, there are minimal surface installations. Beyond the spaceport, and several mining bases, the majority of the installations are set beneath the surface or in domed installations.

Because of a variety of contaminants in the soil, Tyr's soil takes on a bluish tinge during the day, and has a number of crystalline deposits. Because of high carbon ratios in many of the deposits beneath the surface, Tyr is the source of much of the synthetic diamond used in military-grade ship plating.