Advanced Personal Defense Weapon

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Advanced Personal Defense Weapon
Future Plasma Rifle Type 1.jpg
Designation: Mark I Submachine Gun
Weight: 2.8Kg / 6.25Lbs
Dimensions: 21 IN / 53.3 CM
Barrel Length: 30.4 CM / 11 IN

The Advanced Personal Defense Weapon (APDW) is a standard submachine gun and personal defense weapon utilized by law enforcement and military forces throughout The Initiative.

Design Details

The Advanced Personal Defense Weapon (APDW) is designed for close-quarters fighting. It utilizes a series of magnetic coils wrapped around the barrel, to propel a projectile out of the weapon. The APDW itself is comprised of lightweight polymers and ceramics, allowing it a high degree of durability. The grip below the barrel is designed to break open, revealing a two-part battery capable of of being used as a crude bipod for stabilizing whether user is prone or behind cover.

The APDW carries an internal fifty-round magazine, with a battery capable of lasting for more than a day of continuous fire.


The Advanced Personal Defense Weapon (APDW) was derived from several pre-War of Secession weapons and projects, receiving a great deal of inspiration from the FN P90.


  • Source: Nexus Mods (used with permission)
    • Author: MrRadioactive