Free World of Ashael

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Free World of Ashael
Political Information
Organization: Disparate City-States
Relation with the Initiative: Peaceful
Threat Level: None
Societal Information
Area of Operation: Ashael, Milky Way Galaxy
Technological Level(s): Varied (Primarily Industrial & Atomic-era)
Historical Information
Established: 2302 CE

The Free World of Ashael is a single planet that is under a number of disparate governments, ranging from despotic warlords, semi-stable feudal kingdoms, and fledgling democracies. Due to instability on the planet, many of these governments only last a generation or two before failing. As a result of the chronic instability, a concise census of the world's population, governments, and tech levels is nearly impossible. The Initiative and several other nations have put out travel advisories against traveling to Ashael for any reason, though several factions maintain at least one outpost on Ashael.

With the instability of most governments, most factions have an embargo on technological exports to factions on Ashael, with an emphasis on technology, weapons, and starship components. No faction on Ashael is capable of interplanetary flight at this time, though several factions do allow for immigration from Ashael. Because of unequal amounts of power and capability on the planet, available technology across the planet varies from region to region.