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Star System: TBD
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Condition: Habitable
Control: Free World of Ashael
Bases: Tarkus Port

Ashael, often referred to in official documents as "The Free World of Ashael", is a quasi-independent planet within The Initiative, though it has outposts from a number of other nations.


Ashael was settled in 2302 CE, by a number of independent colonists. By 2306 CE, Ashael had a booming population, causing the Initiative to designate the first "free" planet. They allowed full self-governance on the planet, but the Initiative controlled travel to and from the planet's surface, effectively restricting the colonists to sub-orbital flights and land transportation. With the Initiative controlling access to the planet, the supply of modern technology dwindled rapidly, causing the planet's populace to regress into an quasi-feudal state.


Ashael has a single moon, less than a 5th of the size of Ashael itself. Because of activity on the moon, it is uninhabited and fragmenting in orbit.


The planet is known for it's almost feudal culture, with much of the inhabited areas split into various fiefdoms and territories, controlled by warlords or councils. The Initiative maintains outposts within each territory, allowing anyone wishing to join (or rejoin) the Initiative and leave the planet behind, to step into an outpost at any time, and leave the planet behind, though the Initiative will not involve themselves in local affairs, unless a citizen of the Initiative is in danger.