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Star System: Charyn System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Condition: Habitable
Control: Central Command, The Initiative
Bases: Chardan Control
Interest: Classified Military Site

Charadan is a restricted world within The Initiative, located in the Charyn System.


Located in a backwater system of The Initiative, away from the usual paths used by civilian traffic, Charadan was considered to be the ideal home for classified research that could not be conducted on a world such as Asam. Charadan became a testing ground for advanced weapons, vehicles, as well as a site for other, more dangerous, projects.

The Charadan Proving Ground was established in 2209 CE, after a survey by the Ranger Exploration Corps yielded no other systems within jump range beyond the system, and nothing of note on the planet, rendering it an otherwise unremarkable planet in an unremarkable system. Charadan has no permanent inhabitants, with military personnel and a limited number of civilians being rotated through the system as needed.

Homeported Vessels