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Designations: Alendiel 3
Star System: Alendiel System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Control: The Initiative (Currently)
Sovereign Colonies (Formerly)
Dominant Species Population: 1.31 Million

Kapu is the third planet in the Alendiel System, and part of The Initiative.


Kapu was initially surveyed in 2149 CE, but would not be colonized until 2151 CE. Because of an almost hostile atmosphere, life on Kapu was hard for many colonists, leading many to resist change in the tight-knit cities and towns on Kapu. In 2229 CE, a new religious movement began, which was met with a great deal of animosity among the more steadfast members of the colony. When the colony attempted to stamp out the religious movement through a series of draconian laws, the Senate of the Initiative began countering these laws, citing them as infringing upon people's rights. Over the next eight years of political disagreement, Kapu and two other discontented colonies attempted to secede for a number of reasons, beginning the Sovereign Colonies Conflict, which lasted eight months. Within the first couple of months, Kapu had been largely recaptured by the combined strength of the Space Forces Command and Ground Forces Command, with several local militias and remnants of renegade Civil Defense Force (CDF) units conducting guerrilla attacks, that would end in 2238 CE. Following the end of the conflict, Kapu remained a demilitarized colony for a century, barred from raising a CDF and being mostly governed and policed by the Colonial Authority and its Colonial Security Force. In 2238 CE, Kapu was permitted full self-governance and to raise a CDF.