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Star System: Durga System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Surface Gravity: 0.028 G
Control: The Initiative
Bases: Predas Mining Station
Dominant Species Population: 31,000
Interest: Mining Station

Pedras, an orbiting asteroid in the Durga System, is a crucial part of the mining industry in the system. Pedras is home to a number of smaller mining stations, as well as serving as a transfer point for cargo heading in and out of system. The asteroid is large enough to support one primary station, and thirteen major substations over it's immense surface. On a side it is over 900 KM (560 Mi) long, requiring the use of an extensive series of internal mass transit systems and limited shuttle flights between stations.

Because of the almost complete lack of gravity, artificial gravity generators have been constructed throughout the inhabited sections of Pedras to bring the gravity up to 1 G.


Pedras was first colonized in 2402 CE, the year after Aella was colonized. Initial plans for the Pedras colony were limited to strictly mining, but as follow-up surveys of the asteroid belt revealed hundreds of mineral rich asteroids, the development plans for Pedras began to change from strictly mining to additionally supporting the mining fleet.

In 2483 CE one of the largest mobile mining platforms in the system was approaching one of the substations to offload it's cargo of newly mined ores for processing and cargo transferring when one of the main engines of the platform suffered a catastrophic failure. While the majority of the passengers and crew of the mining platform were killed in the blast and subsequent crash, another one-hundred and three members of the support substation were crushed to death or suffocated when the mobile platform crashed into the surface of Pedras.

Notable Inhabitants