Arc 2 Prime

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Arc 2 Prime
Designations: Arc 2 Prime
Star System: Arc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Atmosphere: No Atmosphere
Surface Gravity: 0.301G
Control: The Initiative
Dominant Species Population: 20,000 Civilians

Arc 2 Prime is the largest of the three moons of Sanctuary, in the Arc System.


Colonized in 2027 CE, Arc 2 Prime was originally utilized as a base for the Planetary Defense Force (PDF) during the War of Secession. Following the end of the war and the standing down of the majority of the Planetary Defense Force to become the Civil Defense Force, Arc 2 Prime became known for it's observatories and research stations. The original tunnels were expanded, to accommodate a greater population, as well as hydroponics gardens, in 2059 CE.


Because many of the tunnels utilized by the settlement are reused from the original fortifications for the Planetary Defense Force, much of the settlement retains its originally fortified design. The original command center for the base became the civil administration center, but retains access to the original automated defenses. The nearest barracks to center were updated for use by a new defensive garrison comprised of a mobile infantry battalion from the Sanctuary Civil Defense Force, in addition to an air transport squadron capable of transporting the battalion.


For more information on the Civil Defense Force units stationed on Arc 2 Prime, see Sanctuary Civil Defense Force.

Notable Inhabitants