M4 Prime

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Mithus 4 Prime
Designations: M4 Prime
Star System: Mithus System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Atmosphere: None
Surface Gravity: .013G
Control: The Initiative, Colonial Authority, Space Forces Command
Dominant Species Population: ~11,900
Interest: Mining Colony, De Facto Naval Base

Mithus 4 Prime (often written as "M4 Prime") is the largest of the moons of Mithus 4.


Mithus 4 Prime is suspected to be a capture from Mithus' asteroid belt, orbiting the gas giant of Mithus 4. Mithus 4 was first surveyed in 2308 CE, but wouldn't be formally colonized until 2414 CE, three years after Dwyn and Emer were first colonized. M4 Prime was colonized to be an easy source of raw metal for industries in-system, as well as serving as as a sensor station and communications relay.

In 2434 CE, when the system economy crashed following an asteroid strike on Dwyn, M4 Prime lost much of the market for it's ores, and had to pay a great deal more to import food from out of system. When the Colonial Authority stepped in, they subsidized the cost of importing food for the newly impoverished colonies. When the first of the garrisoned fleets from Space Forces Command came on station, the Colonial Authority chose to use M4 Prime and M4 Omega as staging bases, offering to continue to subsidize the cost of importing food and other essentials in exchange for the materials required to repair and rearm the fleets as needed.