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Planet by Conner Bentley.jpg
Designations: Mithus 2
Star System: Mithus System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Natural Satellites: M2 Prime, M2 Alpha
Control: The Initiative, Colonial Authority
Bases: Parkerston (Planetary Capitol)
Dominant Species Population: 8 Million
Interest: Mithus System Capitol

Dwyn is a T-type planet located within the Mithus System on the edge of Initiative space.


Dwyn was originally surveyed in 2308 CE, but, because of it's backwater nature, would remain largely uncolonized until 2411 CE, when it was formally colonized and recognized as an inhabited planet. The first twenty years for the planet were relatively prosperous for a backwater, with much of the trade being in ores coming from the asteroid mines further out in the system, and agricultural products being sent to the other colonies in the system.

However, in 2431 CE Dwyn was rocked by a series of asteroid strikes, which caused significant damage to the planet's ecology, as well as severe damage to the planetary infrastructure. The planetary capitol of Parkerston was partially flattened, with the former governing council being killed by falling debris. After the worst had passed, much of Dwyn remained covered by clouds of dust, which had the dual effects of killing many of the crops destined to be sold offplanet, as well as hampering the use of many of the planet's photo-voltaic cells, crippling the planet's manufacturing capabilities. These two effects together nearly destroyed the system's economy overnight.

In the ensuing weeks, many of the system's richer denizens fled the system, as rampant crime began to plague the entire system. The system's Civil Defense Forces were incapable of fully restoring order under a newly formed interim government, and in 2434 CE, the Colonial Authority stepped in to govern the system, using the Colonial Security Force (CSF) to crack down on organized crime.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Kreslav, Raven - Notorious Thief
  • Kreslav, Victor - Mafia Boss
  • Pope, Joseph - Owner, CMS Nova Ingressus