CMS Nova Ingressus

From Beyond the Frontier
CMS Nova Ingressus
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Demilitarized Striker-class Destroyer
Status: Active
In Service: 2020 CE - 2151 CE
Assignment Details
Assignment: Merchant Vessel
Ship Crew Information
Joseph Pope
Type: Player Controlled
The CMS Nova Ingressus is a merchant vessel operating largely within the fringe colonies of The Initiative.


The CMS Nova Ingressus was originally launched as the SFCV Ilium (D2) during the War of Secession, in 2020 CE (eleven years prior to the Fall of Earth). The SFCV Ilium was a Striker-class destroyer, launched to combat the United Earth Force's frigates and destroyers, as well as to serve as an anti-missile escort screen for the Templar-class battleships and Swordsman-class cruisers.

During the Fall of Earth, the Ilium was severely damaged, requiring extensive repairs. Because of the shift away from combat operations following the quarantine of Earth, repairs were delayed for two years while resources were dumped into infrastructure and fielding new colonies populated by the influx of new citizens recruited from Earth. Eventually, the Ilium was repaired, and retrofitted with post-war upgrades such as artificial gravity, energy shielding, as well as an antimatter reactor. The justification for the expensive repairs and retrofits was for use as an escort for colony and merchant vessels.

Eventually, in 2151 CE the SFCV Ilium (D2) was declared obsolete and inefficient compared to newly constructed hulls, and was subsequently demilitarized and sold as surplus.


Like the other Striker-class destroyers, the SFCV Ilium (D2) was named for a destroyed city. Ilium, also known as Troy, was a city on Earth located near the Aegean sea across from the Hellenic region (commonly known as Greece) in an area that would eventually be known as Turkey. It was destroyed by the Greeks during the Trojan Wars.

Basic Specifications

Main article: Striker-class Destroyer


  • Length: 115 Meters
  • Beam: 14 Meters
  • Draft: 10 Meters
  • Decks: 3

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: 15 (War Era) / 5 (Post-War Refits)
  • Standard: 100 (War Era) / 70 (Post-War Refits)
  • Maximum: 200


  • Sublight: Electrodeless Plasma Thruster

Power Plant

  • Primary: Antimatter Reactor (Post-war era refits)
  • Primary: Nuclear Reactor (War-era)
  • Secondary: Photo-voltaic Cells

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Titanium Alloy
  • Armor Plating: 1.25 meter Case-hardened Steel, Titanium, & Ceramic Composite Plates over a .50 meter thick synthetic diamond sheath (Post-war retrofits)
  • Armor Plating: Synthetic composites, case-hardened steel, ceramic plates (War era)

Sensor System

  • Sensor: LIDAR (War Era)

Defensive Systems

  • Reactive & Composite Armor
  • Shield Generator (Post-war Refit)
  • Close in Weapons System


  • War Era
    • (8) 6-inch Coilguns
    • (2) Torpedo Launchers
    • (2) Grappling Cannons
  • Post-War Refits
    • (8) 8-inch Coilguns
    • (2) Torpedo Launchers
    • (2) Grappling Cannons

Auxiliary Craft

Other Systems

  • Stasis Pod (Post-War Era)
  • Artificial Gravity (Post-War Era)

Deck Listing

  • Deck 01: Bridge, Communications Center, Captain's Quarters, Coilgun Magazine & Battery, Grappling Cannon
  • Deck 02: Torpedo Magazine, Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Medical Bay, Shuttle Hangars, Power Core, Engine Compartment
  • Deck 03: Coilgun Magazine & Battery, Storage, Water Reclamation, Grappling Cannon


As a demilitarized Striker-class Destroyer, the CMS Nova Ingressus (formerly the SFCV Ilium) has had the majority of its offensive systems removed; with the six of the eight coilgun batteries and their supporting equipment removed, as well as the torpedo tubes sealed and the launching equipment removed or deliberately crippled. The subspace communications network was hobbled, prevented from accessing military communications, and the stasis pods removed. The ship's magazines, originally used for storing munitions were converted to cargo spaces. The removal of the weapons and military communications systems, as well as modernizing the remaining systems, allowed the vessel to cut it's minimum crew requirements to a single person, operating the ship at it's absolute bare minimums.

Crew Listing

Current Crew

Rank Name Position
Joseph Pope Captain/Owner, CMS Nova Ingressus

Former Crew

Rank Name Position
Lieutenant Commander Erin Diabel
Space Forces Command
Commanding Officer, SFCV Ilium (D2)
2020 CE - 2034 CE

Out of Character Notes

The CMS Nova Ingressus is used in the player-story Into the Unknown, which is not currently canon.