Point Singularity Drive

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Point Singularity Drive
Technical Specifications
Created By: Unknown (Human)
Intended Purpose: Faster-Than-Light Travel
Status: In Use
On that moment hung eternity. Time stood still. Space contracted to a pinpoint. It was as though the earth had opened and the skies split. One felt as though he had been privileged to witness the Birth of the World...
  — William Laurence

The Point Singularity Drive (PSD) utilizes weak areas on the typically located on the edge of star systems to create a hole into subspace. It then uses this hole to envelope the ship, directing the angle of the ship in relation to that of the hole to determine it's destination at a similar weak point in the target system. However, if the ship is off by a meaningful amount, it can face total destruction, or come out in a unexpected locale, or fail to emerge at all, although safeguards built within the system attempt to prevent this. After the ship has transited to subspace, the hole then collapses without anything to sustain it.

During a Point Singularity Jump, time does not pass subjective to the occupants of the vessel, seeming almost instantaneous, while taking a usually proportional amount of time for travel relative to the universe out of the vessel. The amount of time spent in jump is typically factored based on the accuracy of the jump calculations and power input.


Enmeshment occurs when a ship returns to normal space at coordinates occupied by other matter, the two objects can meld together, which can cause severe damage or the loss of the vessel, to virtually no harm at all. In an effort to help prevent enmeshment, the Colonial Authority issues fresh system maps on a monthly basis highlighting areas prone to enmeshment or that might be dangerous, as well as has vessels from local System Defense Forces do their best to clear common travel lanes.

While the basic shielding carried by all vessels is sufficient to help ward off all but the worst cases of enmeshment, many of the vessels that go missing yearly are thought to be lost to enmeshment.

Dust Density

Dust Density refers to the amount of stellar dust and debris prevalent throughout star systems. A greater dust density at the originating site can cause a greater strain on the drives and shields, and require a larger amount of power to successfully jump, with overrides preventing unsuccessful jumps. Furthermore, a greater dust density at the destination can cause damage to the shields, drives, and the hull as well, leading to enmeshment, blown systems, or the loss of the vessel.