Colonial Authority

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Colonial Authority
Headquarters: Terra Casus, Sanctuary, Arc System
Language(s): Common
Founded: 2033 CE
Status: Active

The Colonial Authority (CA) is a branch of The Initiative tasked with overseeing the colonization of star systems outside out of the Arc System. The Colonial Authority dispatches survey teams to follow in the wake of the Ranger Exploration Corps, approves permits for new colonization efforts, and processes potential colonists. The Colonial Authority further oversees businesses attempting to do business in newly developed colonies; both to ensure that no monopolies are created as well as ensure that no restricted research and development is taking place.

The Colonial Authority has authority to step in and govern territories on a temporary basis if a colony or cluster has had repeated, insurmountable internal problems leading to a destabilized local government.

Colonial Security Force

To ensure safety in the colonies, the Colonial Authority fields the Colonial Security Force (CSF) which assists in policing the colonies, from fighting off pirates to acting as an outside mediator for disputes within a colony. In the event that the the CSF is unable to deal with a situation, they are authorized to call on nearby Ground Forces Command (GFC) units to support CSF units. The CSF is comprised almost exclusively of lighter vessels and light mechanized infantry companies. Because the CSF is not often engaged in what could be termed as combat, the CSF does not maintain much in the way of artillery, heavy armor (such as tanks), or other similar weapons.

Colonial Armed Forces

Colonies unable to maintain a regular force capable of qualifying as a Civil Defense Force or a System Defense Force are given a CSF detachment in order to train a militia from the colony. These militias are organized and supplied as the Colonial Armed Forces (CAF) until such time as they are capable of qualifying as a Civil Defense Force. The CAF is authorized to draw on what few heavy weapons the CSF maintains in order to train colonists in their use in the eventuality that their CDF unit will gain such weaponry.


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