Arc System

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Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Baldur, Sanctuary, Pendragon, Odin<, Loki, Tyr, Ares, Oya, Minerva, Achilles, Eros, Hermes
Controlled By: The Initiative
Surveyed: May 4th, 2017
Colonized: June 30th, 2017
For the vessel named after the system, see SDV Arc.

The Arc system is home to Sanctuary, the primary world of The Initiative.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Laeth System The Initiative 16 hours to 3 days, 1 hour
TBD The Initiative TBD

The Arc system contains a number of jump points. On many jump point survey maps, it is often located at the center, with surveyed systems radiating outwards from it. At present, the Arc system has five mapped jump points, in addition to a sixth that is beyond the range of current Point Singularity Drive technology.


Surveyed in 2017 CE, the Arc System is the first system known to have been surveyed by the predecessors of the Ranger Exploration Corps. It would be colonized later that same year, with colonists bringing prefabricated equipment from Earth, and laying the foundations on Sanctuary for later follow-up colony missions. The rest of the system would remain largely untouched until the mid-2020s, when a number of planets, moons, and asteroids received rudimentary, mostly automated, mines to help produce resources for the War of Secession as well as the rapidly expanding population of the system.


"Arc" (pronounced "Ark" in classical Latin) is the Latin word for Fortress, indicating the Initiative's comfort in the system, and confidence that it will remain undetected.

Orbiting Bodies

The Arc System contains twelve (12) planets. A majority of them are named after gods and heros from Earth, the only one not named after a hero or god is Sanctuary (the 2nd planet). Located between Baldur and Sanctuary is an asteroid belt, mined by the Initiative, as well as a second asteroid belt between Odin and Loki. Orbiting the star are a number of satellites to collect power, used by orbital and deep space platforms as well as a number of smaller outposts to supplement their own reactors in times of need.


Main article: Baldur

Between the sun and Sanctuary is Baldur, a Mercury-like planet, that rotates slowly enough for the dark side of the planet to be very carefully mined for resources by the Initiative.


Main article: Sanctuary

The primary planet of The Initiative, Sanctuary is 80% water, and almost entirely tropical. It is roughly 1.36 the size of Earth. It has three (3) moons, that contain numerous observatories, research labs, and other scientific facilities. Atop this, they also contain hidden emplaced defensive systems.


Pendragon, named for Kings Arthur Pendragon and Uther Pendragon, of Excalibur fame. It is a gas gant, with 12 natural satellites, all of which are mined by the Initiative. The planet itself is occasionally harvested for the gasses that compose the gas giant.


A frozen planet, Odin's ice contains exotic gasses, which have proven, under some circumstances, to be explosive (leading one of the initial exploration teams to blow themselves up).


Loki is a red gas giant, with nearly sufficient mass to form a second star. Most of its gasses, however, are highly corrosive and prevent harvesting of the planet.

Loki Anchorage

The Loki Anchorage is the main staging point for ships heading out of system, away from the main inhabited planet. The anchorage is built around several orbital stations high above the surface of Loki, and facilities spread across the planet's moons.


Main article: Tyr

Tyr is a Martian world. It is a binary planet, however, with its sister world, Ares. Both it, and it's sister world are mined, with a single subterranean city on each.


Main article: Ares

Ares is frozen world, a binary planet with its sister world, Tyr. Both it, and it's sister world are mined, with a single subterranean city on each. Located on Ares, as far from the populated locations, is a industrial complex serving most of the military & industrial complexes on Sanctuary, dealing with radioactive materials. The complex is located on Ares to minimize dangerous fallout and potential for disasters.


Main article: Oya

Oya is a world with a frozen climate, captured from another solar system, or drifting from deeper in-system, evidenced by the frozen trees still visible on it's surface through the ice. Archaeologists from Sanctuary explore the frozen wastelands for traces of any native population.


Minerva is a planet that gains attention only for a rare chemical that occurs on the planet, that is harvested for it's medicinal and scientific properties. It is a sterile planet, much like Mercury. Much of its surface is baked, indicated close exposure to the sun, likely having drifted past Arc in the distant past.


Achilles, one mineral-poor planet that is primarily ignored. The planet is a Luna-like planet, with several deep impact craters, which have been used for primarily scientific research bases.


Eros is an icy Martian planet, and is so mineral poor that it is primarily ignored.


Main article: Hermes

Hermes is the fastest planet in the solar system, in terms of its orbit. It is a small Luna-like planet, and holds only a sensor outpost, a resupply post, and a mine. The mine is worked by robots, while the resupply post is used as a hardship posting for problematic personnel.

System Defense Force

Main article: System Defense Force

The System Defense Force, the The Initiative's version of a space-based coast guard, consists primarily destroyers, frigates, and cruisers. The SDF maintains several small outposts, such as the one on Hermes, for resupply as well as sensor outposts.

Civilian System Patrol

Main article: Civilian System Patrol

A civilian auxiliary to the System Defense Force, the Civilian System Patrol (CSP) is a collection of civilian vessels authorized to carry ship-to-ship weaponry greater than standard anti-pirate/anti-debris defenses, in order to assist in defense of the system if called upon. While many of these vessels are not dedicated warships, their numbers and equipment make them still a formidable threat.

In addition to serving as an irregular military force, they also act as an emergency response force to pirates and other emergencies.

Notable Inhabitants