Civilian System Patrol

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Civilian System Patrol
Parent Unit: System Defense Forces
Established: 2029 CE
Preceded By: System Defense Force / Planetary Defense Force
Status: Active

The Civilian System Patrol (CSP) is a civilian auxiliary to the System Defense Force (SDF), comprised primarily of private vehicles that are lightly armed and armored, that, in times of emergencies, can be commandeered (or volunteer) to assist the military. Additionally, they serve as the primary civilian transit for military goods and personnel. During peacetime, they work as a secondary patrol looking for ships in distress. During times of war, these vessels and their crews are given military ranks according to their effective positions (none exceeding the rank of Captain unless qualified to hold a higher rank), with the ships being temporarily commissioned as auxiliary cruisers, auxiliary carriers, and auxiliary corvettes. Decommissioned warships, such as vessels of the now-obsolete Swordsman-class that retain any form of offensive weaponry must be registered with the CSP.


The Civilian System Patrol (CSP) was created after the senate passed the Civilian Auxiliary Military Forces Act (CAMFA), allowing ships to carry military-grade arms and armor. The reasoning behind this was to create a civilian force capable of backing up the local System Defense Forces in the event of an attack by the United Earth Fleet (UEF). However, following the end of the War of Secession, and the destruction of the UEF, the priorities of such a force were shifted to serve as an anti-piracy force, with CSP vessels often coming to serve as escorts for convoys, or on government contracts as couriers or cargo vessels.



Typically members of the Civilian System Patrol are responsible for the upkeep and purchase of their own vessels, with at least part of the cost subsidized by government contracts. The cost of the equipment is often at least partially subsidized by the government in an effort to decrease reliance on the System Defense Forces. Ships in the CSPs are typically divided into cruisers, corvettes, and carriers, based on their capabilities. Demilitarized warships keep their original class, such as destroyers or frigates.

Some vessels in Civilian System Patrols are decommissioned, partially demilitarized, warships sold as surplus, such as the obsolete Swordsman-class cruiser.

Personal Equipment

Civilian crews aboard CSP vessels are issued some weapons for boarding or counter-boarding operations. Typically these take the form of sidearms, fletchette shotguns, or submachine guns. Central Command authorized the limited use of military-grade implants to allow crews to better interface with their vessels, such as in the form of pilot interfaces.

Furthermore, CSP crews were issued civilian versions of the Combat Assault Suit favored by the military.

Notable Civilian System Patrols

  1. Arc Civilian System Patrol
    • Notable for being the first Civilian System Patrol.
  2. Mithus Civilian System Patrol
    • Notable for their efforts in restoring order and assisting with relief efforts after a natural disaster plunged the Mithus System into chaos.

Notable Civilian System Patrol Vessels