Neural Interface

From Beyond the Frontier

Neural Interfaces are typically implants utilized by The Initiative, for a variety of urposes. They're typically used to control multiple or advanced systems at the same time.

Command Interface

The Command Interface, Neural (CIN) is a versatile implant intended to boost the effectiveness of personnel it is implanted to. The CIN is implanted into the head, allowing the user to access a variety of functions, such as an integral library of research materials and utility programs, in addition to being able to perform limited, temporary alterations on the implanted individual, such as stimulating the adrenal gland to boost reaction times, at the cost of a heightened metabolic rate.

The CIN was largely intended to provide a mental interface for many military systems, to augment (but not replace) physical controls, both to allow faster reaction times and to allow for one person to control a larger number of systems. To this end, it is capable of projecting into the user's retinas a number of "screens" displaying whatever the user wishes to access through the system, ranging from verbal (and non-verbal communications) to data streamed from sensors, Because of the amount of power required, the CIN's ability to access systems is extremely short-range. The system is capable of generating audio for the implanted user by stimulating the user's auditory system to prevent others from overhearing.

Because of it's capabilities, the CIN is restricted to military personnel only (including the CDF & SDF), and is deactivated following a person's retirement. For obvious reasons, CINs DO NOT have the protocols for systems the operator is not authorized for, or for systems the implant is not rated for (this is to say, systems with a higher output than the standard CIN can handle are not accessible).

Pilot Implant

Pilots in charge of large or complex vessels can be outfitted with a civilian version of the Command Interface, Neural (CIN) to allow them to balance multiple systems on their vessel at once as needed. These civilian versions are called Pilot Implants, Neural (PINs).