Empire of Tensa

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Empire of Tensa
Political Information
Organization: Imperial Oligarchy
Head of State: Emperor Ikarune Haise
The Rose Emperor
Relation with the Initiative: Peace
Threat Level: Low
Societal Information
Capital: Dracar, Tensa System
Language: Common
Currency: Mask
Area of Operation: Milky Way Galaxy
Technological Level(s): Spacefaring
Historical Information
Formed From: Tensa Collective, The Initiative
Established: 2217 CE (As the Tensa Collective)
2291 CE (As the Empire of Tensa)

The Empire of Tensa is a collection of small star systems on the edge of Initiative space, lying towards the outer arm of the galaxy.


Established in 2217 CE, as the Tensa Collective, when the founding members sailed to the Tensa star system, the Empire of Tensa was originally a collective group led by the descendants of the original few colonists, forming the Empire of Tensa in 2291 CE. However, as time went on, these descendants formed the "Royal Families". One of these families, that held several of the most resource rich areas of the star system, became the dominant family. With various marriages and alliances, the families formed a more-or-less status quo, with various families taking power from time to time, but rarely lasting longer than a couple of generations.


The Empire of Tensa is a very hierarchical society, with the imperial house at the top of hierarchy, followed by the noble houses, the military, and then the average citizen. Because of the feudal nature of the society, there is often a lot of internal conflict between the noble houses, each of which governs a portion of the empire, with the emperor occasionally reassigning lands and assets.


Noble House Armies

The bulk of the military of the Empire of Tensa is comprised of the armies of the noble houses. Typically comprised of planetary forces, with limited space-going capabilities. These armies are typically used for internal peacekeeping within the territories of their respective noble houses, as well as the various armed skirmishes between the noble houses. Typically officers within these armies are younger, non-inheriting children of the noble house fielding that army, as well as of influential non-family members.

Imperial Army

The "Imperial Army" is the official standing army of the Empire of Tensa. Answering strictly to the ruling family, the Imperial Army is funded by tithes from the noble houses, and comprised of ordinary citizens and castoffs from the noble houses. Typically officers in the Imperial Army are non-inheriting children of the ruling family, children of influential non-family members, and others who have earned some modicum of respect.