Milky Way Galaxy

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Milky Way Galaxy
Human Interest: Home Galaxy
Size: Galactic Diameter: 100,000 Light Years (587,476,260,000,000,000 miles, approximately)/ (945,451,394,173,440,000 Kilometers, approximately)
Galactic Thickness: 1,000 Light Years (5,874,762,600,000,000 miles, approximately)/(9,454,513,941,734,400 Kilometers, approximately)
Highest Technology Level: Space Faring
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The Milky Way Galaxy is a six-arm galaxy, home to many notable stars, including Sol (in the "Orion Arm", the 3rd planet of which is Earth, pointed out on the picture on the right). The arms are Orion Arm, Scutum-Crux, Sagittarius, Perseus, Norma and the Cygnus arms.

The Milky Way galaxy is home to Earth, the birthplace of humanity.

Known Star Systems