Limbo System

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Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Jump Points: Three (Tensa, Yost, TBD)
Controlled By: Contested
Surveyed: 2205 CE
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The Limbo System is one of only two systems with jump access between the Empire of Tensa and The Initiative, leading to them being designated as border worlds. Limbo's output as a star is in a state of flux, leading to a variable output. As a result, the system is typically avoided by a great deal of merchant shipping.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Tensa Empire of Tensa ~1 day, 13 hours to ~3 days, 1 hour Capitol of the Empire of Tensa
Yost Empire of Tensa Variable Due to Instability Unstable Jump Point
TBD The Initiative TBD

Limbo contains only an average number of jump points. Of these three, two lead into space controlled by Tensa, while the third leads towards Initiative space. The one leading towards the Yost system is unstable, and periodically is too unstable to use for jumping, because of fluctuations in the output of both Yost and Limbo. Ships attempting to make the jump during a period of instability can find themselves facing unusual travel times, both far longer or shorter than normal, or fail to emerge entirely.

Orbiting Bodies

Initiative Controlled

Empire of Tensa Controlled