Tensa System

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Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Jump Points: Four (Limbo, Yost, Sojourn, TBD)
Controlled By: Empire of Tensa
Surveyed: 2202 CE
Colonized: 2217 CE
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The Tensa star system is an independent star system further along one of the galactic arms, towards the edge of the galaxy.


Initially surveyed in 2202 CE, by the Ranger Exploration Corps, the system was considered a relatively low priority system for colonization, primarily because of it's location leading towards the edge of the galaxy and away from denser clusters of stars to explore. An independent group of colonists settled in the Tensa star system, fifteen years later, and established themselves as an independent colony.

Jump Points

Name Control Travel Time Notes
Sojourn Contested ~4 days, 6 hours to ~6 days, 8 hours Border system with The Initiative
Limbo Contested ~1 day, 13 hours to ~3 days, 1 hour Border system with The Initiative
Yost Empire of Tensa ~11 hours to ~23 hours
TBD Empire of Tensa TBD

Tensa has only four jump points, two of which lead to mineral-poor systems used as border systems between Tensa and the Initiative. As a result, the two jump points leading to those systems are defended by orbital facilities circling the jump points. The other two jump points lead further into space controlled by the Empire of Tensa.

Orbiting Bodies



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Notable Inhabitants

  • Haise, Ikarune - Emperor, Empire of Tensa
  • Mireaux, Anthony - CEO, MiraTech