Yost System

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Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Controlled By: Empire of Tensa
Surveyed: February, 2203 CE
Colonized: 2231 CE
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The Yost star system is the second system colonized by the Empire of Tensa, and another border system with The Initiative.


The Yost star system was initially explored in 2203, by the Ranger Exploration Corps. As it was relatively average without any distinguishing features, it was placed low on the list of systems to be colonized by The Initiative. However, when the Tensa Collective was founded in 2217 CE, they claimed Yost early on, and placed a permanent colony there in 2231 CE. Since then, the Yost system has been split between the control of several of the noble houses of the Empire, and has been a major site for ore mining.

Jump Points

Name Control Travel Time Notes
Limbo Contested Variable Due to Instability Unstable Jump Point, Border system with The Initiative
Tensa Empire of Tensa ~11 hours to ~23 hours Capitol of the Empire of Tensa.
TBD Empire of Tensa TBD

The Yost system is unremarkable in that it contains three jump points. However, more remarkable is the unstable nature of the one linking Yost to the Limbo System, periodically becoming too unstable to use for jumping. The exact cause of this is unknown, but is theorized to be a byproduct of the unstable output of either of the two stars.

Orbiting Bodies


Main article: Linness

Linness is the largest planet in the Yost system. Linness is an unusual world, with a highly irregular orbit that carries it between the edges of the habitable band, leading to very extreme temperatures for most of the year, with only short periods of moderate temperatures. As a result of the planet's highly irregular orbit, large chunks of the planet are in a constant state of thawing or freezing.