Ranger Exploration Corps

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Ranger Exploration Corps
Headquarters: Central Command, Sanctuary, Arc System, Milky Way Galaxy
Language(s): Common
Founded: 2020 CE
Status: Active
To venture in the fair unknown
I must enter as I leave:
A traveler, alone.
  — Anonymous

The Ranger Exploration Corps (REC) is the primary exploration branch of The Initiative. It is comprised entirely of volunteers. The majority of it's personnel are crew aboard the ships, or instructors on Sanctuary.

The REC operates almost solely Imager-class Prowlers, Porter-class Shuttles, and Roughneck-class Assault Shuttles, though it has a pair of Emperor-class Command Cruisers to direct field operations. The "prowlers" are a stealth class designed to operated both in space and within an atmosphere, and can carry two shuttles. They are used to stealthily investigate into systems for worthwhile resources, potential new colony sites, resources, and the possibility of alien life.


...Come, my friends,
'Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
  — Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Ranger Exploration Corps is responsible for exploring beyond the boundaries of The Initiative. Furthermore, the duties of the Ranger Exploration Corps include setting up plans for the exploitation of resources and territory discovered in uncharted space, pursuing any scientific anomalies, and charting potential colonization sites.


The Ranger Exploration Corps (REC) is considered one of the oldest branches of The Initiative's military. Established at the outset to explore the galaxy, the REC was critical in discovering Sanctuary, and evacuating the first colonists to the planet. While the War of Secession diverted resources away from expanding the REC, the REC continued to work with a single vessel until the end of the war, when the rapidly expanding population allowed for fielding more exploration vessels. During the war, however, the REC's exploratory nature allowed many rangers to serve as guides for newly arriving colonists, helping to establish dozens of cities and towns across the face of Sanctuary.

The REC's primary duties, following the war, have been the discovery of new planets and new technology, to benefit the entire human race.


An incomplete list of sites used for training and operations by the REC.

Noted Units

1st Ranger Expeditionary Company

The 1st Ranger Expeditionary Company, also know "Bushwhackers" supplies the crews for a majority of the Imager-class Prowlers, and the two Emperor-class command cruisers.

2nd Ranger Expeditionary Company

The 2nd Ranger Expeditionary Company, also known as "Watchdogs" is designed around utilizing biological (rather than cybernetic) canine support, ranging from search & rescue, guard duty, and bomb detection to augment technological assets that may fail.

3rd Ranger Expeditionary Company

The 3rd Ranger Expeditionary Company, also known as the "Planet Crackers", is centered around exploring and investigating subterranean areas for archaeological and technological evidence of alien life that may prove useful. A secondary task of the unit is to locate worthwhile resource locations for follow-up expeditions to mine.

4th Ranger Expeditionary Company

Only in Death does Duty end.
  — Warhammer 40,000

The 4th Ranger Expeditionary Company, also known as the "tomb tappers" are a specialized unit within the Ranger Exploration Corps involved in the recovery of information. However, unlike most units, they specialize in utilizing experimental technology to harvest memories from the recently deceased during investigations.

Notable Rangers