Jason McCallister

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Lieutenant Jason McCallister
Name: Jason Bryant McCallister
Alias: Frost Bite
Rank: Lieutenant,
Ranger Exploration Corps (REC)
Position: Team Member,
Species: Human, Male
Born: June 15th, 2475,
Ares, Arc System
Out of Character Information
Player: JettaWindstar
Affiliation: Ranger Exploration Corps
Avatar: Channing Tatum

Jason McCallister is a member of the Ranger Exploration Corps assigned to the Expedition following the Heart of Winter Incident.

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 185Lbs (Pre-Augmentation)/ 200Lbs (Post-Augmentation)
  • Eye Colour: hazel/tinted blue
  • Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
  • Hair Style: Short/Buzz Cut


  • Primary: Public School on Ares (2480-2484)
  • Secondary: Private School on Ares - Technology Focus (2488-2492)
  • Military Education
    • Officer’s Training at Central Military Academy, Sanctuary - Class of 2496
    • Weapons and Survival Training at Aesgard Military Depot, Sanctuary
    • Zero Gravity and Space Operations aboard Soldat-Tor (PO1-06)


  • Father: Connor McCallister
  • Mother: Venice McCallister
  • Brother: Raiden Lee McCallister (Fraternal Twin)
  • Sister: Kaitlyn Rhea McCallister

Career History

  • Cadet, Officer’s Training - Central Military Academy, Sanctuary
    • 09/04/2492 - 12/15/2496
  • Trainee, Weapons and Survival Training - Aesgard Military Depot, Sanctuary
    • 1/2/2497 - 8/2/2497
  • Trainee, Space Operations Training - Soldat-Tor (PO1-06)
    • 8/5/2497 - 12/09/2497
  • Team Leader, RECV Robert Heinlein (PS1-01), 12th Ranger Expeditionary Company
    • 12/17/2497 - 08/22/2499
  • Team Leader, 3rd Investigative Team, 8th Ranger Expeditionary Company
    • 9/1/2499 - 01/02/2502
  • Medical Leave of Absence
    • 01/03/2502 - 04/17/2503
  • Aide, Central Control - Central Control, Sanctuary
    • 04/17/2503 - 05/04/2503
  • Team Member, Expedition
    • 05/04/2503 - Present

Effective Dates of Promotion

  • Inactive.png - Cadet: 09/05/2492
  • Inactive.png - Lieutenant (Junior Grade): 12/15/2496
  • Inactive.png - Lieutenant: 12/30/2500

Military Awards and Decorations

  • Purple Heart
  • Deep Space Exploration Ribbon


Jason and his fraternal twin Raiden were born on the ice planet, Ares, within just a few short seconds of each other. They are not identical in any way, merely born at the same time. Jason was more of the military type while Raiden stayed a civilian and works with the Civil Defense Force. Jason, however, trained to work for the REC as soon as he was able to join the military and offer his skills to them.

Near the very end of a training session in January 2502, Jason got into a bit of trouble with the enemy. Just prior to the completion of an exercise, they were called on short notice for a mission due to a lack of units able to respond. Even though Jason had recently acquired a new Combat/Assault Suit (C/AS), none of the soldiers in their unit had time to equip themselves fully before engaging in their first battle. Though he felt ready, he was fatigued. The unit was forced to do their best and accepted their situation, even if the fate of the unit looked grave. Enemy explosions caught Jason by surprise due to said fatigue, and it nearly fried half of his upper body. With the assistance of another watchful teammate, only his left eye and arm had to get substantial surgery. Luckily, there was the option of upgrades. Though a bit taken aback by this accident, he recovered with several of the others that suffered a variety of injuries and moved forward in his career as a demolitions expert and a sniper, both on-call roles when the need arises.

Personality Traits

Although sometimes stoic and quiet, Jason is really just a quiet person in most situations before one becomes better acquainted with him. Sometimes he won’t speak much more than a few words when on the job, unless discussion is necessary. It’s not that he’s gruff, he knows his boundaries as a professional and is serious about his job. If he’s comfortable around others, it’ll show in time. His mentality is stable and though he’s decent with tactics, he’s aware that predictability can be a weakness and he strives to be the exact opposite. When calm and not on any kind of mission, he’s easy going and easy to get along with unless you catch him in a foul mood. Jason is a dedicated soldier. He’s got a considerable amount of motivation and likes to put out his best effort in most situations unless he genuinely doesn’t care. Though a bit tall, he’s quite approachable and casual when the occasion calls. He has a bit of a cynical attitude/mindset that he keeps hidden from others. Sometimes he over analyzes his worries and gets stressed, but nobody’s perfect. Luckily, when stressed and under pressure, he’s very calm and collected unless something truly riles him up. If anyone he cares about is endangered, he’s got a ‘search and destroy’ mode that nobody wants to see, especially since he likes handling explosives. Though his primary job involves dealing with explosives, whether or not he’s the one placing the explosives or disarming them. On occasion he’s called in as a sniper due to his improved vision with his cybernetic eye and steady arm-it allows for great accuracy if a mission calls for a couple snipers around the perimeters or strategic points of a scene.

Skills and Qualifications

  • EOD certified and demolitions
  • General combat; his style is a mix of martial arts like Karate and Muay Thai
  • Moderate free-running/parkour skills
  • Exceptional shooting abilities (especially after the enhancement with his left eye)