Civil Defense Force

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Civil Defense Force
Size: Typically 1 Battalion to 4 Divisions
Established: 2034 CE (First CDF Raised)
Preceded By: Planetary Defense Force (PDF)
Status: Active
Rome remained free for four hundred years and Sparta eight hundred, although their citizens were armed all that time; but many other states that have been disarmed have lost their liberties in less than forty years.
  — Nicolo Machiavelli

A Civil Defense Force (CDF) is a volunteer force organized and equipped by each planetary government within The Initiative. While primarily a defense force, each Civil Defense Force is often called on to assist with keeping order during government events, suppressing riots, or assisting with disaster relief efforts.

Typically the Civil Defense Force is equipped to close to the same standards as the Ground Forces Command (GFC), and can step in to support the GFC should more forces be required.


The first Civil Defense Force was raised on Sanctuary, following the end of the War of Secession. It was established to replace the no longer required Planetary Defense Force (PDF) which had been raised to combat the potential threat of an invasion by the United Earth Fleet (UEF). With the UEF defeated, a standing defense force was no longer required, and many of the PDF's personnel were allowed to transition to a part-time defense force, the CDF, to serve as needed.

The Planetary Defense Force had been partially a defense force, as well as assisting the temporary Immigration Office with screening incoming colonists from Earth; a measure many considered redundant to the screening conducted on Earth by Ground Forces Command personnel. With the duty of screening new colonists and defending the planet gone, the role of the CDF evolved, becoming more involved in the day-to-day activities of their world, from providing security on orbital platforms to assisting with disaster relief. The CDF became a widespread concept as more and more colonies were settled, and the need for an internal security element to assist and stiffen the local Civic Patrol forces against pirates or internal threats became more and more apparent.


Personal Equipment

Most Civil Defense Forces are equipped to a similar grade as the Ground Forces Command, issuing out battle rifles and sidearms to most personnel. Personnel assigned as vehicle crews, or urban security may be issued submachine guns rather than battle rifles in favor of their more rapid fire, and lessen ability to punch through walls (lessening the chances of hitting civilians). Personnel assigned to orbital platforms may be issued with a fletchette shotgun, favored for their ability to clear compartments quickly with a minimal chance of punching through the hull.

All Civil Defense Forces issue out Combat Assault Suits for their personnel.


Most CDFs are capable of fielding armored personnel carriers (APCs), jeeps, and light tanks. However, on planets lacking the sufficient industrial base to provide such equipment, these vehicles may be on loan from either the Colonial Security Force or the Ground Forces Command.

Notable Civil Defense Forces

  1. Sanctuary Civil Defense Force
    • Original Civil Defense Force established in 2034 CE from the Planetary Defense Force.
  2. Dwyn Civil Defense Force
    • Notable for their efforts in attempting to restore order on Dwyn following a natural disaster.

Notable Civil Defense Force Personnel

  • Kimmel, Luis - Master Sergeant, 1st Sanctuary Mobile Infantry Battalion
  • Parks, Jack - Corporal, 1st Sanctuary Mobile Infantry Battalion
  • Webber, Peter - Lance Corporal, 1st Sanctuary Mobile Infantry Battalion