Civic Patrol

From Beyond the Frontier

The Civic Patrol is the universal name for planet and city-wide law enforcement agencies within The Initiative.


The first Civic Patrol was founded on Sanctuary in 2019 CE, to take over duties from the previous colonial police forces, and was patterned off of police forces common on Earth, though given more advanced weapons training in the event of them having to support the Planetary Defense Force.

The Civic Patrol's model would be implemented on new colonies, with administration broken down into districts and precincts across cities and territories, with all the Civic Patrol precincts reporting up a single chain of command across an entire planet. Fugitives crossing over jurisdictional boundaries between worlds are handled by the Interstellar Patrol (ISP).

Criminal Investigative Service

Within the Civic Patrol exists the Criminal Investigative Service (CIS), which handles criminal investigations, crime scene analysis, and things of that nature. As such, the CIS is not directly charged with direct law enforcement in the same way the majority of the Civic Patrol is.


Body Armor

Typically members of the Civic Patrol are issued full-body suits of Tactical Armor. Unlike standard models, the audio/visual pickups are locked in recording mode, to ensure complete records of arrests, confiscations, and other procedures.


The standard offensive equipment of the Civic Patrol is a Universal Service Pistol (USP), a Combat Baton, and a stunner, in order to equip them against most threats. Most Civic Patrol precincts have an armory containing additional military-grade weapons for emergencies, but are typically not authorized to draw on them except in extreme emergencies or with authorization from a higher authority.