Interstellar Patrol

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Interstellar Patrol
Language(s): Common
Founded: 2053 CE
Status: Active

The Interstellar Patrol (ISP) is the law-enforcement arm of The Initiative, handling interstellar crimes that is insufficent to warrant the attention of the Internal Security Directorate (ISD).


The Interstellar Patrol was founded in 2053 CE, in order to create an agency dedicated to hunting down criminals across interstellar distances. It was decided that this task would best be handled by a new agency, rather than diverting the attention of either the Internal Security Directorate, the Interstellar Service, or one of the military branches. To that end, the ISP handles manhunts across the galaxy, chasing fugitives who have managed to elude local Civic Patrol units.

In 2104 CE, the first dedicated penal colonies were established in otherwise uninhabited systems, to be overseen by the Interstellar Patrol. The most notable of these is in the Aradesh System.



The largest vessels fielded by the ISP are typically of the Knight-class Frigate class, and Warrior-class Destroyer. However, due to the cost of these vessels, the majority of the ISP's vessels are outdated Archer-class Frigates, and Striker-class Destroyers, as well as a number of Conquistador-class Corvette, due to the relatively low cost to operate and maintain them.

Ground Forces

The ISP typically operates in groups no larger than six to eight, typically outfitted with conventional combat uniforms (though authorized to operate with civilian powered armor). For armaments, the ISP typically issues Combat Batons, as well as Universal Service Pistols and Light Infantry Battle Rifles that have been fitted with inhibitors that prevent them from reaching their full firing speed and power.

Patrol Vessels