Interstellar Service

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Interstellar Service
Headquarters: Central Command, Sanctuary, Arc System
Language(s): Common
Founded: 2034 CE
Status: Active

The Interstellar Service (ISS) is one of the two primary intelligence wings of The Initiative. Colloquially known as the "Eyes", the ISS is responsible for monitoring for threats from beyond the borders of the Initiative, ranging from pirates to splinter colonies. Because of the lack of many external threats, the ISS primarily focuses on locating pirate bases and other renegade elements for Space Forces Command to assault.

The Interstellar Service maintains close ties with the Internal Security Directorate (ISD), the domestic intelligence branch for the Initiative, the two branches often trading information. Information that is passed along is further parsed by Central Command, to search for connections missed by the two intelligence agencies.


The Interstellar Service (ISS) was created in 2034 CE when the previous intelligence service, the Interstellar Intelligence Service (IIS), also colloquially known as the "Eyes", split apart to form the Interstellar Service (ISS) and the Internal Security Directorate (ISD).

The IIS, which had been primarily focused on intelligence on Earth during the War of Secession, was considered to be ill-prepared following the end of the war, and as such as split to form the two branches. The ISS became focused on weeding out threats such as pirates, and others who had declared themselves separate from the Initiative.