Central Command

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Central Command
Headquarters: Central Control, Sanctuary, Arc System, Milky Way Galaxy
Language(s): Common
Founded: 2020 CE
Status: Active

Central Command is the all-inclusive term for all branches of the military for The Initiative. It is comprised of the higher level Ground Forces Command, Space Forces Command, Ranger Exploration Corps. In addition to these higher level military branches, it also has auxiliaries; the Civil Defense Force, the System Defense Force, and the Civilian System Patrol.


Commonly referred to as 'Central' or 'Central Command' (or Central Military Command), the headquarters for the military, and the government, is located within a mountain chain on Sanctuary. It is located several stories below, and is dimly lit within many parts to conserve power, and minimize both waste heat, and it's power draw, in an attempt to make it slightly more difficult to discover from orbit. It has quarters for a single Guard battalion, in addition to labs, offices, and other facilities. It is comprised of heavily reinforced tunnels, with airtight doors interspersed. Additionally, all of it is compartmentalized to allow it to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear bomb, or a near-miss from a nuclear weapon.

Located near the top, but still buried, and one of the only places in the entire complex to hold a skylight, is a room known simply as "The Hall". The hall is a circular room, containing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of niches, for statues of future leaders of the Initiative. At present it only holds one statue, but these statutes hold the complete record of the person of whom it is carved.


Rome remained free for four hundred years and Sparta eight hundred, although their citizens were armed all that time; but many other states that have been disarmed have lost their liberties in less than forty years.
  — Nicolo Machiavelli

Drafting & Conscription

Drafting is allowed, but only during declared emergencies, and only from people who are not employed or in non-essential positions. People who are drafted are placed into non-combat positions, usually logistics, and repair teams. However, people drafted during an emergency are allowed to request transfer to a combat position, with incentives for doing so.

People who voluntarily enlist during an emergency are given additional incentives as a reward. However, people who remain in the military after the emergency has passed, whether they enlisted or were conscripted/drafted are given minor incentives and allowed a choice of positions, to reward them.


A person can voluntarily leave after their term is up, though, like many militaries, incentives are given for re-enlisting. Medical discharges are not mandatory; someone with severe and crippling injuries is allowed a choice of compatible duties that they can do.

Rights & Benefits

Special circumstances not withstanding, current and former military personnel within the Initiative are authorized medical care at any government facility, as well as transit on any government-operated or chartered craft as space, and duties, allows.

Furthermore, personnel discharged with more than a single tour are authorized to draw a stipend (the size of the stipend reflecting length or service, and health of the soldier as a result of their service). In the event of the death of a soldier, a full stipend is paid to the deceased's family.

Regular Military

Ground Forces Command

Main article: Ground Forces Command

Ground Forces Command, or "GFC", is the primary land-based arm of the Initiative's military. Utilizing everything from powered armor, to hovercraft, and heavy weapons, it is a well-armed, and well-trained fighting force. It provides, primarily, planetary assault forces, though it assists in the daily on-goings of the Initiative.

It doe this by providing it's military police (MPs) for policing duties, it's engineers and combat engineers for government construction projects, and so forth.

Space Forces Command

Main article: Space Forces Command

The Space Forces Command, or "SFC", is the primary space-based arm of the Initiative's military. It is responsible for actions outside of the Arc System, and maintains all of the military vessels, with the exceptions of the ones operated by the System Defense Force and other defensive installations.

It's vessels are designated SFCV for 'Space Forces Command Vessel'. SFC vessels operating beyond a days trip from the nearest allied system often carry two crews so that they can respond with a fresh crew to an emergency, and can suffer combat losses without suffering a massive degradation in capabilities. However, with much of the ships being automated, this barely adds much strain to the vessel and it's crew.

Spaceborne Infantry

The Spaceborne Infantry, or "SI", are commonly referred to as 'Infantry' or 'Marines'. They are the ground-combat wing of the Space Forces Command, and commonly engage in ship-to-ship or orbit-to-surface assaults.

Ranger Exploration Corps

Main article: Ranger Exploration Corps

The Ranger Exploration Corps, or "REC", is the primary exploration arm of the Initiative. It is an all volunteer force. It is responsible for seeking out new life, new planets, new technology, and new resources.

It's vessels are given the prefix 'RECV' for 'Ranger Exploration Corps Vessel', and often times carry a double crew to allow them to operate for extended periods without requiring crew replacement. Additionally, a double-crew allows for larger ground teams, and more ground covered.

Military Auxiliaries

Civil Defense Force

Main article: Civil Defense Force

The Civil Defense Force, or "CDF", is an irregular auxiliary to the Ground Forces Command. It is armed to nearly the exact same standards, but is more often engaged in policing action and other duties. However, in the event of an attack, the CDF is designed and trained to be able to engage the enemy as a standing military.

System Defense Force

Main article: System Defense Force

The System Defense Forces are akin to a coast guard in that it patrols the Arc System and other systems held by The Initiative. It maintains mostly Shepherd-class Cutters and other light craft. However, they also maintain several escort-level battle-groups. SDF vessels maintain a single crew on-board at all times, and only carry additional crew for boarding operations, unlike the SFC which maintains at least a double crew for extended operations.

Civilian System Patrol

Main article: Civilian System Patrol

The Civilian System Patrol (CSP) is a civilian auxiliary to the System Defense Force. It is comprised of armed yachts and freighters that assist in defense and rescue operations. As a result of this, they are authorized to carry additional armament beyond the standard defensive, mining, and anti-space debris loadouts. Additionally, CSP merchant vessels tend to receive a higher quantity of military contracts, hauling military crews, material, and other cargo to and from stations, ships, et cetera.

CSP vessels finding themselves in combat occasionally are rewarded bounties that are paid out for destroyed/disabled enemy ships, with bonuses for recovery of usable materials, or the tecovery of enemy crews from the wrecks.

Intelligence Agencies

Internal Security Directorate

Main article: Internal Security Directorate

The Internal Security Directorate (ISD) is tasked with defending the Initiative from threats from within. They're tasked with seeking out enemy agents (either willing or unwilling), in addition to renegade elements operating within the borders of the Initiative. The ISD maintains a security force, for taking on internal threats within both the military and civilian agencies, providing security for high priority sites, and providing security teams for dangerous or highly important assets, such as weapons of mass destruction within the Fleet. Traditionally, members of the ISD are drawn from active military units, or can be civilians with sufficient aptitude scores. Those that are brought in retain their original rank (rather than being converted to the ranking system used by both the Interstellar Security Service, and the Internal Security Directorate).

Interstellar Service

Main article: Interstellar Service

The Interstellar Service (ISS), colloquially known as "Eyes", is the primary branch of the Initiative for collecting intelligence on pirates and other similar renegades. While the Ranger Exploration Corps is responsible for exploration, and arranges for covert military units, the ISS is responsible for espionage and some level of covert operations, such as sabotage by individual agents. The ISS maintains a handful of spacecraft, but primarily relies on less overt methods of transportation and communication, relying on readily available civilian assets to blend in.

The ISS occasionally draws on personnel from the armed forces. Those that are brought in retain their original rank (rather than being converted to the ranking system used by both the Interstellar Service, and the Internal Security Directorate).


The Space Forces Command and System Defense Forces utilize the same ranks and ranksets (with a few variations, such as the SDF not having anything above O8). The Ground Forces Command and Civil Defense Forces also utilize the same ranks and rankset, again, with a few variations. Sergeants (or equivalent) in charge of a weapons battery hold a sort-of special rank known as Gunnery Sergeant, or Gunnery Officer.

The ranks of Crewman and Private Third Class are utilized only for drafted personnel, or personnel facing demotion as a preference to a dishonorable discharge.

Grade Space Forces Command
System Defense Force
Colonial Security Force
Ground Forces Command
Civil Defense Force
Colonial Security Force
Ranger Exploration Corps
Flag Officers
O-10 Fleet Admiral / Admiral of the Fleet General of the Army Ranger Commandant
O-9 Admiral General
O-8 Rear Admiral Lieutenant General
O-7 Group Captain Brigadier General Expedition Commander
Line Officers
O-6 Captain Colonel Captain
O-5 Commander Lieutenant Colonel
O-4 Lieutenant Commander Major Commander
O-3 Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant Commander
O-2 Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lieutenant Lieutenant
O-1 Ensign
(aka Pilot Officer)
Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
O-0 Midshipman Cadet
Warrant Officers
W-3 Master Warrant Officer No Equivalent
W-2 Senior Warrant Officer
W-1 Warrant Officer
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major Master Ranger
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant
E-7 Chief Petty Officer Staff Sergeant
E-6 Petty Officer First Class Sergeant Senior Ranger
E-5 Petty Officer Second Class Corporal Ranger First Class
E-4 Petty Officer Third Class Lance Corporal Ranger
E-3 Sailor First Class Private First Class
E-2 Sailor Second Class Private Second Class Junior Ranger
E-2A Sailor Third Class Private Third Class
E-1 Recruit