Ground Forces Command

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Ground Forces Command
Headquarters: Central Command, Sanctuary, Arc System
Founded: 2020 CE
Status: Active

The Ground Forces Command is the land-based military wing of The Initiative, tasked with defending Sanctuary and it's colonies from hostile forces. To this end, following the Fall of Earth, it has seen little action and has been primarily tasked with operating against armed insurrection. Additionally, the GFC is tasked with operating and maintaining many of the planetary anti-orbital defenses, and other defense-related sites.


Arc System Command

Arc System Command, commonly called "Central Command", is the headquarters for the entire Ground Forces Command, and is in charge of planetary forces throughout the Arc System. Combat forces assigned to the Arc System total two combat divisions, and an assortment of other specialized forces. As these are some of the oldest units in the entire GFC, they carry the lowest numerical designations as and the most battle honors, having been involved in the Fall of Earth.

Colonial Commands

The "Colonial Commands" fall under the jurisdiction of both the Ground Forces Command and the Colonial Authority, which work in tandem to utilize these units both to police the colonies as possible, to train them for a variety of worlds, and to use them to reinforce local governmental workers in civil projects as needed.


Personal Equipment

The Ground Forces Comand (GFC), and the Civil Defense Forces (CDF) utilize magnetic accelerator weapons, commonly called "coilguns". These utilize magnetic rails to draw the projectile down the barrel at high speed.

For protective equipment, the GFC and CDF utilize armored exoskeletons, hardened against radiation, vacuum, weapons fire, chemical and biological agents. These suits are capable of being interlinked by their advanced computer systems, with can be augmented by Neural Interfaces implanted within the soldiers, capable of increasing their abilities and effectiveness.


In addition to the powered combat armor, the Ground Forces Command maintains standard tank units, built on a hover-chassis with a dual-barrel main gun, utilizing an active defense system. Scouts are mounted on hover-jeeps and hover-bikes, while non-tankers ride in "combat cars", open-topped hovercraft sporting several mounted .50 cal railguns, with wide fields of fire.

The Ground Forces Command utilizes self-propelled artillery and ammunition haulers. These were designed to allow deployed forces to remain moving, and mobilize rapidly in case of an emergency.

Notable Personnel