Shino-Elena Wolf

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Corporal Shino-Elena Wolf
Name: Shino-Elena Wolf
Alias: She-Wolf, Hunter, Talon
Rank: Corporal,
Ground Forces Command
Position: Military Police,
Senate Security Force
Species: Human, Female
Born: March 18th, 2480,
Albion, Taelbern, Aditi System
Out of Character Information
Status: Active
Player: Shino_Wolf
Affiliation: Ground Forces Command, Senate Security Force
Avatar: Arden Cho

Corporal Shinp-Elena Wolf is a member of the Military Police assigned to the Senate Security Force.

Physical Description

  • Height: 168 CM (5'6")
  • Weight: 160 (72.57kg)
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Hair Style: Long with bangs (shoulder-blade length)
  • Other: A faint scar running from her forehead to her cheek on the right side of her face. She caught this growing up when she was harassed by low-life scum. When she resisted, one of them cut her with a knife. This pushed her, to at some point, become a soldier and take the fight to lowlifes, using violence to get what they want. She furthermore has several cuts and other gashes (only small, faded ones) all over her body, which she received from (self-induced) harsh military training.

At her graduation ceremony, a couple of her platoon's trainees decided to have her tattooed, as a thank you for her unending challenging, motivational and pushing personality, which had gotten them all through the training. (OC: just a generic wolf's head painting found on a shield. It's roughly the width of her shoulder blades, and about 8 inches in height). She wears the tattoo with pride, as she views it as a part of her personality: fierce and loyal.


  • Primary: Albion Public Elementary/Middle
  • Secondary: Albion Public High
  • Military Education: Central Military Academy
    • Specialties: History & Urban Warfare
    • Class of 2500


  • Mother: Haruno Akira
    • Former Banker, now a member of the Civil Administration of Taelbern
    • Financial mistress of the Wolf-Akira household. She loves her children and husband, but misses Shino terribly, for she took care of the twins, who're entering a rebellious phase. She fears John and Sasha might listen to Shino better than her or Balder. Tough times ahead for the Wolf-Akira household. Cause: 2 teens.
  • Father: Balder Wolf
    • Ex-Ground Forces Command Sergeant, Colonial Authority Administrator
    • Supportive of his daughter's choice to join the military, considering he himself had been one. Isn't really worried about Shino, and as such, often gets into a bickering with his wife, Haruno. It's all in good nature, however, as Haruno is just worried about her daughter being so far away for so long, and contact over tens of thousands of miles away, across planets and moons alike, isn't easy, if at all, possible, for a low-level soldier such as Shino.
  • Siblings: John Wolf, Sasha Wolf (twins)
    • Both are just 13 years old, born in December 2490, attending Albion High. They miss their sister, for before she left, her parents often left Shino to care for them. They are old enough to take (relatively) good enough care of themselves, save for the occasional kitchen appliance hazard.

Career History

  • Riot Control Military Police, Senate Security Force - Sanctuary
    • March 4th, 2501 - Present

Effective Dates of Promotion

  • Inactive.png - Recruit: 2498
  • Inactive.png - Private: July, 2500
  • Inactive.png - Corporal: February, 2502


Shino is someone who doesn’t care for a whole lot. Having had a loving family around her, she wasn’t off that bad, but the scar she got when harassed during her teens, she was seen as the ‘’black sheep’’ of the family. This also factored in to her choice of joining the military. During her youth she grew up, having an immense interest in history, and when she was old enough for volunteering into the military, she jumped at the opportunity to take that class, and many related classes as well.

At the Central Military Academy- a base where tough training, under sometimes extreme situation, takes place, is where she received most of her personality traits. Crass, agressive, but also obedient (although mouthy). She recently graduated, just a couple of years prior, but doing her work, aiding the civilian policing forces, she eventually got promoted for closing a record amount of cases, as part of an in-house competition.

During her training to become a soldier, she actively sought to always challenge and push herself as hard as she could, for she didn’t –and still doesn’t- want to be dependent on any implants. Although, she, of course has the mandatory ID chip and the like, Shino doesn’t feel interested in augmentation further than what is needed, in terms of functionality and law.

The other recruits in her platoon loved and hated her, for she was always pushing herself (and the others) to impress and improve, not only for their drill instructors and CO's, but themselves as well. To not do your utmost best to improve yourself, is to lose. As a thanks, and a good-bye of some sorts, some of the platoon's members paid for a tattoo, to remember her time in the platoon by. Her nickname, was aptly chosen by her recruits, it seems.

Personality Traits

Her mindset, when compared to her family, is hot-tempered, and quite annoying to deal with when things don’t get rolling. She’s impatient, crass, and in a few cases, being insubordinate. She will not, however, deny, or ignore orders.

Riot Control, and Security suits her just fine, because it allows an outlet for her sometimes violent behavior (excessive working out, to the point of (near)-exhaustion, and picking fights with other soldiers during sparring). It also presents her some form of ‘justice’, because the system, she finds, is not at fault. ‘When the RC gets called in, people go too far’ is a creed she often uses when asked about why she’s happy to bluntly smash in people’s heads during protests that got out of hand.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Cooking, home appliances (also useable for Improvises CQC).
  • Basic driving vehicle (jeeps, humvees etc.)
  • Riot Control course&tactics
  • Urban warfare and Riot Control. Improvised CQC
  • An applied History Degree, with Urban Tactics as specialisation.

Furthermore, she is qualified to use assault rifles, side-arms, as well as Riot Control gear, as befitting her specialisation. Shino isn’t a lousy shot, but will refrain from using firearms, as her accuracy rates never reached higher than the bare minimum or average needed to pass.

Shino also has some knowledge of criminal syndicates, although they still leave much to be desired, when compared to professional or seasoned crime-fighters and/or police forces.