Senate Security Force

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Senate Security Force
Commander: Colonel Miyori Dominguez,
Ground Forces Command
Headquarters: House of Planets
Size: 1,000 Officers & Enlisted
Parent Unit: Sanctuary Civil Defense Force
Preceded By: Senate Security Forces
Status: Active

The Senate Security Force (SSF) is an infantry unit assigned as the security for the Senate of the Initiative.


Established after the War of Secession, the Senate Security Force (SSF) was officially established as part of the Sanctuary Civil Defense Force but contains contingents from every active-duty branch of the military. The SSF was formally established in 2040 CE, when it took over the duties from the Civic Patrol (CP). The Senate Security Force was officially tasked, in it's mandate, with the preservation of the Senate, the House of Planets, and the continuity of government.


The Senate Security Force is seen typically wearing conventional body armor, rather than powered body armor, like the ones worn by the Civic Patrol. The SSF issues sidearms and submachine guns to most security personnel because of the expectations of indoor fighting, with a supply of working battle rifles for ceremonial and combat use.


Rank Name Position
Inactive.png Colonel Miyori Dominguez
Ground Forces Command
Commanding Officer,
Senate Security Force
Inactive.png Major Alessandra Rivaro
Space Forces Command (Spaceborne Infantry)
Executive Officer,
Senate Security Force

Former Personnel

Rank Name Position
Inactive.png Corporal Shino-Elena Wolf
Ground Forces Command
Security Detachment Leader