Universal Service Pistol

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Universal Service Pistol
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Designation: Mark I Sidearm
Barrel Length: 6 inches
Muzzle Velocity: Variable (Setting Dependent)
Effective Range: Variable (Setting Dependent)

The Universal Service Pistol (USP), also referred to as the Mark I Sidearm, is the standard-issue sidearm of the military and security forces of The Initiative. It is restricted and not available to the civilian populace except those serving in an armed capacity on behalf of the government.

Design Details

The Universal Service Pistol is a short-range coilgun, utilizing electromagnetic coils to pull a slug down the barrel of the weapon. Initial models were locked into a single setting, while later generations were designed for a variable strength output, with the firing computer could be altered via a Neural Interface. Because the coilgun utilizes electromagnetic propulsion for the slugs, it is capable of being deployed to almost any battlefield, without having to worry about hostile atmospheres (or lack of an atmosphere).

Because of it's electric nature, the USP requires the operator to carry additional batteries or an additional power pack mounted to the weapon's hardpoints. The batteries for the USP are a sealed unit with only holes for the wires and the hardpoints.


The USP is fitted with a handful of hardpoints and rails for a variety of additional modules, such as tactical lights to targeting lasers. The USP is fitted with an on-board firing computer which adjusts the output based on range and environment, though the firing computer can be directly controlled via most military neural interfaces. The firing computer includes a number of electric and physical interlocks to prevent it from firing on friendly forces or within restricted zones.


The USP is made primarily from high-strength synthetic polymers. The only metal within the weapon is in the circuitry and the magnetic coils, to minimize weight.


The Universal Service Pistol was designed alongside the Mark I Battle Rifle prior to the War of Secession. It was issued to ship's crew, as well as deployed soldiers as a sidearm.