Mark I Battle Rifle

From Beyond the Frontier
Mark I Battle Rifle

Weight: 8.5 Lbs / 3.85Kg (Loaded)
Barrel Length: 18 inches
Rate of Fire: 1,000 Rounds/minute
Muzzle Velocity: Variable (Setting Dependent)
Effective Range: Variable (Setting Dependent)
For the Mark II Battle Rifle, see Light Infantry Battle Rifle.

The Mark I Battle Rifle (MIBR / M1BR) is a selective-fire bullpup-style coilgun fielded by the armed forces of The Initiative. It is restricted and not available to the civilian populace except those serving in an armed capacity on behalf of the government.

Design Details

The Mark I Battle Rifle is a coilgun, utilizing electromagnetic coils to pull a slug down the barrel. Initial models were locked into a single power setting, but later generations allowed for a variable power setting to alter the range and penetrating power of the rifle's slugs, which can be altered via a Neural Interface. Because the MIBR utilizes electromagnetics, it is not constrained by most environmental factors allowing it to be utilized across almost any imaginable battlefield.

Because of it's electric nature, the MIBR requires the user to carry additional batteries, or an additional power module mounted onto one of the hardpoints. When used, the battery is fitted into a sealed compartment in the stock of the rifle, to prevent water or contaminants from preventing the flow of electricity.


The MIBR utilizes a number of safety features, such as a friend-or-foe target recognition system, to avoid accidental friendly fire. In addition to this, to prevent accidental discharges, the weapons are fitted with an electronic interlock preventing firing in restricted zones, as well as standard safeties as a further precaution against malfunction. The MIBR does not include a palm recognition scan in order to allow civilians to use discarded or abandoned equipment to defend themselves, relying on the other lockouts to prevent use against soldiers.

The MIBR's surface is home to a number of rails or magnetic hardpoints allowing the attachment of various features ranging from grenade launchers to tactical lights. It's grip is designed with a number of connections for use with Armored Exo-Suits to display details such as an ammo counter on the HUD of the armor.


The majority of later-model MIBRs and their associated modules are made of high-strength synthetic polymers in an effort to decrease the weight of the weapon. The sole metal components are in the electromagnets used for the coils, the circuitry, and the battery, as well as the munitions.


The Mark I Battle Rifle was designed in the years prior to the War of Secession, with only a handful built prior to the war.

However, after the war began, production rapidly increased to outfit landing parties, induction teams, and soldiers with either a battle rifle or a similarly designed sidearm.