Fall of Earth

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Fall of Earth
Conflict: War of Secession
Date: November 18th, 2031 CE
Location: Earth Orbit, Sol System
Outcome: Initiative Victory
Aftermath: Quarantine of Earth, Defeat of United Earth Forces
The Initiative United Earth Forces
Fleet Admiral Unknown
Seven Templar-class Battleships
nine Swordsman-class Cruisers, twenty Archer-class Frigates, sixteen Striker-class destroyers
Eleven Cruisers, four destroyers
Three Battleships, Four Cruisers, eleven frigates, five destroyers Entire Force
Similar Events
Followed By: Minor Pirate Skirmishes

The Fall of Earth was the final battle in the war between The Initiative and the governments of Earth. When the Initiative attempted to present itself to Earth, in order to establish relationships and recruit new people, several governments attempted to assert their dominance over their former citizens. As relations deteriorated eventually conflict broke out between the two factions.

As the war progressed, the governments of Earth began to pool their resources, hurriedly constructing a small fleet from around the world in an effort to prevent Initiative forces from landing in remote locations and recruiting from the populace. As assaults on Initiative transports began, the Initiative's small fleet was dispatched to destroy these harassing vessels. The battle lasted an almost full day between the two forces, largely due to the inexperience of both sides in maneuvering warships in space in addition to the lack of gunnery experience in space.

When the United Earth Fleet was destroyed, the Initiative began a series of bombardment in order to cut off industrial, communication, and supply lines on Earth. With the destruction of Earth's ability to retaliate, a network of orbital weapons satellites were constructed, to shoot down any ships attempting to land or leave on Earth.

With an orbital network in place, Initiative vessels were free to land and recruit, usually accompanied by large contingents of ground forces to fend off hostile forces. Eventually, when the number of willing colonists was exhausted, the last ships left Earth, and left the defense grid, never to return to the Sol System.

Equipment By Forces

The Initiative



Frigates and Destroyers

United Earth Forces


  • UEF Philadelphia (Destroyed)
  • UEF London (Destroyed)
  • UEF Paris (Destroyed)
  • UEF Berlin (Destroyed)
  • UEF Moscow (Destroyed)
  • UEF Beijing (Destroyed)
  • UEF Tokyo (Destroyed)
  • UEF Ottawa (Destroyed)
  • UEF Warsaw (Destroyed)
  • UEF Sidney (Destroyed)
  • UEF Rome (Destroyed)


  • UEF Washington (Destroyed)
  • UEF Windsor (Destroyed)
  • UEF Putin (Destroyed)
  • UEF Mao (Destroyed)