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2030 Years 2032

2031 (MMXXXI) is the 2,031st year of the Common Era (CE), the most commonly used form of dating within The Initiative.


No events have been recorded for January of 2031 as yet.


No events have been recorded for February of 2031 as yet.


No events have been recorded for March of 2031 as yet.


No events have been recorded for April of 2031 as yet.


No events have been recorded for May of 2031 as yet.


No events have been recorded for June of 2031 as yet.



  • 08/26: The SFCV Ramses (B9) is launched incomplete to serve as a transport for reinforcements and supplies bound for Earth and colonists for Sanctuary.


No events have been recorded for September of 2031 as yet.


No events have been recorded for October of 2031 as yet.


  • 11/18: A massive orbital battle between the remaining forces of the United Earth Forces and The Initiative. This battle is later known as the Fall of Earth, as the remaining UEF forces are destroyed. The First and Second fleets conduct limited bombardment to prevent any ground-based attacks against the ships or planetary forces.
  • 11/19: The UEF unilaterally surrenders to The Initiative. Some armed resistance and covert action continues against the Initiative Expeditionary Forces on Earth.
  • 11/20: Construction on new warships is halted by The Initiative, as the focus shifts to preparing for new colonists from Earth.
  • 11/21: The Initiative Expeditionary Force seizes the UEF's shipyards, and begins converting the incomplete warships to colony ships.
  • 11/30: The nuclear core of one of the captured UEF warships is pushed into a cataclysmic self-destruct by unknown agents.


  • 12/01: First and Second Fleets conduct retaliatory bombardments against select military and government targets of the governments involved in the UEF for the destruction of the warship-turned-colony ship.