First Fleet

From Beyond the Frontier
First Fleet
Headquarters: Porth Llongau, Loki Anchorage
Size: 34 Vessels
Parent Unit: Space Forces Command
Established: 2021 CE
Status: Active
For other major Fleets in the Space Forces Command, see Second Fleet & Third Fleet.

The First Fleet is the longest active fleet within The Initiative's Space Forces Command.


Established as the first organized body of fleet vessels during the War of Secession, the First Fleet became known for the brutal battles that it became involved with during the war. Originally comprised solely of battleships, cruisers, frigates, and destroyers, in the mid-2200s, the advent of technology allowing for further vessel roles expanded the size of the fleet, as new classes were built to fill a variety of roles.

After the disaster of 2431 CE in the Mithus System, the First Fleet has been one of the fleets rotating through the system charged with keeping order in the system. The First Fleet was redeployed to the Mithus System in 2502 CE for the first part of a two-year rotation.

Fleet Vessels


Major Combatants


Light Cruisers




Support Vessels

At present the First Fleet has no attached support vessels.