Third Fleet

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Third Fleet
Headquarters: Arxune, Laeth System
Parent Unit: Space Forces Command
Established: 2030 CE
Status: Active
For other major Fleets in the Space Forces Command, see First Fleet & Second Fleet.

The Third Fleet is a unit under the Space Forces Command, part of The Initiative.


The Third Fleet was established in 2030 CE, during the War of Secession. It was created to supplement the needs of First Fleet, and Second Fleet, which had been assigned to offense and defense respectively; with Third fleet created to act as reinforcements for either unit, as well as to serve as an escort for transports to and from Earth and Sanctuary.

Following the Fall of Earth and the successive end of the war and withdrawal from the Sol System, Third Fleet was relegated mostly to convoy duties, with it's component units spread throughout human space, while First and Second Fleets were detailed with rooting our pirates and assisting the Colonial Authority as needed. Following the disaster in the Mithus System, Third Fleet was one of the units used to garrison the system.

Fleet Vessels


Major Combatants


Light Cruisers




Support Vessels

At present Third Fleet has no support vessels attached.