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Star System: Laeth System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Condition: Habitable
Surface Gravity: 1.22 G
Natural Satellites: Acantha (Natural Satellite)
Control: The Initiative
Bases: Ciara (Capital)
Dominant Species Population: 1.2 Billion

Arxune is one of the major hub worlds of The Initiative. Arxune serves as a district capital in one of the colony clusters, and is a major industrial world. Arxune is a volcanic primordial world, largely past it's geologically unstable period. As a result, the surface and near-surface mineral lodes are rich, allowing for rather prosperous mines to support the booming planetary industry. Much of the population lives in domed cities and beneath the ground. Arxune was the first planet in the Laeth System to be colonized, as well as one of the first planets colonized after Sanctuary.

Arxune's lone natural satellite, Acantha, is inhabited. Acantha's used primarily for research and industry, as well as buried subterranean farms.


Arxune was first settled in 2042 CE, as one of the first colonies outside of the Arc System. Originally sparsely settled, after further surveys indicated that Arxune was moving towards a more geologically stable period, citizens moved to the planet in droves, constructing massive domed cities and subterranean facilities. With the rapidly expanding colony underway, the planet's industry began to boom, spurring further efforts to colonize out beyond Arxune. These efforts would empty sections of some of the cities, leaving some of the underground facilities vacant and largely forgotten.

Orbital Platforms

Notable Inhabitants