Laeth System

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Laeth System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Isel, Arxune, Kyen, Asam
Controlled By: The Initiative
Surveyed: November 16th, 2041 CE
Colonized: July 3rd, 2042 CE

The Laeth System contains four planets, two of which are classified as uninhabitable, and one as only marginally inhabitable.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Arc System The Initiative 16 hours to 3 days, 1 hour Capitol of The Initiative.
TBD The Initiative TBD

The Laeth System is considered the nearest star system to the Arc System by Point Singularity Drive. Otherwise, it is unremarkable, with only three jump points (including the one back to the Arc system).

Orbiting Bodies


Isel is a Mercury-type planet, located too close to it's star, Laeth, to be inhabitable. Because of the high temperatures of it's location, it is too expensive to mine except for the rarest of ores, which are mined by automated robots.


Main article: Arxune

Arxune is a major hub world, built up as a major industrial center, as well as serving as a staging site for a portion of the fleet. Because of it's galactic proximity to Sanctuary and high population, it is classified as a core world. Arxune is predominantly a volcanic primordial world.

Jäger Tor

Main article: Jäger Tor

Jäger Tor is the inhabited orbital platform above Arxune. Jäger Tor serves as the planet's orbital shipyard, in addition to serving the needs of civilian and military shipping.


The Kyen is the third planet in the Laeth system. Kyen is classified as a brown dwarf, a gas giant close to being a star in it's own right, but with insufficient mass to cause a self-sustaining reaction like a true star.


Main article: Asam

Asam is a largely ice-covered planet. Asam is largely uninhabited, as a mineral poor world, largely serving as a research and development center for dangerous experiments. Because of the numbers of labs and support facilities, much of the planet is uninhabited, with most of the research centers clustered around spaceports for easy access.

System Defense Force

For more information on System Defense Forces in general, see System Defense Force.

As home to one of The Initiative's large research and development centers, shipyards, and manufacturing hubs, the Laeth system has a somewhat robust system defense force. The force is comprised of nearly thirty corvettes, eleven frigates, eight destroyers, and six light cruisers. This is in addition to the system's Civilian System Patrol.