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Star System: Laeth System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Surface Gravity: 0.68 G
Control: The Initiative
Dominant Species Population: 12,000

Asam is the fourth planet in the Laeth System. It is a predominately frozen world, largely considered marginal and uninhabitable. It is a resource poor world, home to many of the dangerous research projects in The Initiative. Because of it's marginal state, and resource poor status, it is home to a tiny population of merely twelve thousand people, the majority of them scientists and support personnel.

Because of the number of research centers there, Asam is home to a small number of drydocks that serve to fit experimental equipment to warships for testing.


Settled in 2054 CE, twelve years after Arxune, Asam has long been considered a worthless planet in terms of resources and materials. It has garnered a reputation as a ideal site for experiments after Central Command and several interstellar corporations established researches bases on the barren planet, as did several resorts catering to extreme winter sports.