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Designations: Mithus 3
Star System: Mithus System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Natural Satellites: M3 Prime, M3 Alpha
Control: The Initiative, Colonial Authority
Dominant Species Population: ~821,000
Interest: Colony World

Emer is the third planet in the Mithus Star Systtem, one of the outer-most colonized systems of The Initiative.


Emer was first surveyed in 2308 CE by the Ranger Exploration Corps, during a system survey, although the planet wouldn't receive it's first colonists for several decades. Emer wouldn't be a formally recognized colony until 2411 CE, when the system population had risen high enough. In 2431 CE, Dwyn was the target of a series of asteroid strikes, devastating the system economy.

Emer's economy suddenly had to divert a great deal of it's income to importing food from out of the system, rather than from Dwyn, an expensive task on it's own. The situation was compounded by the destruction of the market for metals on Dwyn, due to the relatively common nature of the metals coming from Emer in other systems making their export worth almost non-existent. Emer saw a rapid increase in poverty in crime as the planet's wealthier citizens fled the system.

Notable Inhabitants