Arc 2 Bravo

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Arc 2 Bravo
Designations: Arc 2 Bravo
Star System: Arc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Natural Satellites: .17G
Control: The Initiative
Dominant Species Population: 12,000

Arc 2 Bravo is the smallest of the three moons orbiting Sanctuary, in the Arc System.


Colonized in 2187 CE, Arc 2 Bravo was built to serve as a civilian shipyard, in order to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for a greater number of large vessels capable of faster-than-light travel between new colonies outpacing the capabilities of other civilian shipyards. In 2209 CE, Arc 2 Bravo's primary hub became the site one of the bloodiest conflicts since the War of Secession when an unidentified group attempted to seize a deep-space capable vessel, and the local Civil Defense Force was forced to step in.


As a colony founded after the War of Secession, Arc 2 Bravo lacks many of the ground defenses typical of colonies in the system. However, like many of colonies, it boasts a large number of anti-orbital defenses, capable of engaging either warships or natural threats such as asteroids. The 9th Mobile Infantry Battalion, 5th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, as well as the 2nd Air Transport Squadron, 2nd Air Transport Wing, and the 3rd Squadron, of the 3rd Air Defense Wing comprise the bulk of the defense garrison.


For more information on the Civil Defense Force units stationed on Arc 2 Bravo, see Sanctuary Civil Defense Force.

Notable Inhabitants