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Snow Outpost by Robbert-J.jpg
Designations: Arc 10
Star System: Arc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Control: The Initiative
Bases: Hermes Penal Military Outpost
Dominant Species Population: 250

Hermes is the twelfth orbiting body in the Arc System, classified as a planetoid. Because of it's remote location on the edge of the star system, Hermes plays host to a penal military outpost which monitors incoming and outgoing traffic, as well as the homeport for a single Shepherd-class Cutter, which serves as an emergency response vessel for vessels in distress. It was chosen for this specialty for it's proximity to the edge of the star system, as well as it's rapid orbit around Arc.

Although the planet has a permanent base, because of it's classification as a penal outpost, there are no civilians posted to the base, and soldiers are rotated every couple of years when their sentence is up.


The sensor outpost was constructed in 2029 CE, prior to the Fall of Earth, to serve as an early-warning station. At that time, the base was constructed to house supplies for a small fleet, to resupply any survivors should the United Earth Fleet manage to reach the Arc System. Following the Fall of Earth, a majority of the base was decommissioned, with resources having been left in place should they be required at a later date.

In 2208 CE, the outpost was the site of a mutiny, which was put down by an orbital bombardment followed by an orbit-to-surface drop by marines. A great deal of the base was damaged before it was retaken, with repairs starting by the fleet's engineers in the days following; before being put back into service weeks later.

Base Layout

While the base is largely built subterranean, only the shuttle landing pads and ship landing cradles are built above ground, to support any ships in for emergency repairs.

The subterranean base has living quarters for two reinforced companies, only one of which is in use, in addition to the equipment to manufacture simple replacement parts for a variety of vessels in case of emergency. As well as the machine shop the base is home to a number of supply warehouses. The communications relay on the base is located outside the base proper, in order to keep it from drawing attention to the base itself, and is restricted to military, governmental, and emergency frequencies as befitting a penal outpost.

Homeported Vessels


Image used with permission from: Robbert-J

Source: DeviantArt