Arc 2 Alpha

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Arc 2 Alpha
Designations: Arc 2 Alpha
Star System: Arc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Atmosphere: No Atmosphere
Control: The Initiative
Dominant Species Population: 23,000

Arc 2 Alpha is the second largest moon of Sanctuary, in the Arc System.


Colonized in 2109 CE, Arc 2 Alpha was colonized for use as research facilities, as well as for support for the orbital shipyards. This was done in order to lessen the fuel cost of transporting materials and personnel to and from the surface of Sanctuary as needed. In the intervening years, Arc 2 Alpha has also become known for its low-gravity academies for deep-space merchant crews. In 2131 CE, the first formal Low-Gravity Sports League (LGSL) was created on Arc 2 Alpha.


Arc 2 Alpha, being a post-war colony, has little in the way of defenses. It maintains a number of orbital defenses, for use against orbital threats such as pirates or natural threats. There is a single battalion and a air transport squadron from the Sanctuary Civil Defense Force to defend against ground threats, in addition to helping maintain order in the colony.


For more information on the Civil Defense Force units on Arc 2 Alpha, see Sanctuary Civil Defense Force.