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Star System: Kyne System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Control: The Initiative (Currently)
Sovereign Colonies (Formerly)
Capitol City: Villengard
Dominant Species Population: 1.1 Billion

Tien is a colony of The Initiative in the Kyne System.


Tien was colonized in 2109 CE, on the then-fringes of human. It was located a jump away from the previous edge of human space, and a jump away from the Alendiel System and the Sten System, both of which were considered to be choice candidates for colonization. As a result, Tien had a great degree of industrial infrastructure intended to support future colonization efforts of systems down the line. Because of a pressure for a high population on the planet, in the expectations that it would become a jump-off point for colonists, as well as a hub for other systems, Tien ran into overcrowding problem, caused partially by the inability of the planet's industry to provide housing fast enough, and of the building restrictions mandated by Central Command, designed to keep an ecological balance.

In 2237 CE, when the colony Kapu, in the Alendiel System, revolted, Tien joined in. It's overlarge population quickly became divided, with riots and fighting breaking out in the colony within a matter of hours. Because of the instability, the System Defense Force was unable to pick up fresh supplies easily, and was unable to fight off the Space Forces Command's reinforced First Fleet. After the fleet's victory, Marine Insertion/Strike Teams (MIST) were deployed to cripple the anti-orbital defenses, allowing the Seventh Division to deploy to the planet and restore order.


Notable Inhabitants

  • Damari, Casey - Player, Armored Combat League
  • Damari, Cassandra - Socialite
  • Damari, Ciaran - Director of Operations - Tien, Dragos Industrial Concern
  • Damari, Dakota - Player, Armored Combat League
  • Walker, Shane - Special Agent, Internal Security Directorate
  • Zastor, David - Corporal, Space Forces Command