Dragos Industrial Concern

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Dragos Industrial Concern
Headquarters: Arxune, Laeth System
Language(s): Common
Leader(s): Robert Dragos III
Founded: 2075
Status: Active
Predecessor(s): Dragos Shipbuilding Company

The Dragos Industrial Concern is one of the largest private industrial entities within The Initiative, as well as within the galaxy at large.


Established in 2075 by Robert Dragos as Dragos Shipbuilding, the Dragos Industrial Concern's primary purpose was initially the construction of civilian vessels for deep space transport to and from mines, and interstellar colonies. With the rapid invention of shielding technology less than thirty years later to spur a rapid growth of exploration, exploitation, and colonization, the Dragos Industrial Concern was able to rapidly expand. With the rapid expansion of humanity into new and uncharted space, a variety of new designs were requested and required to support new industries, a need that Dragos was among the first to fill. With the rapid influx of cash and resources from their successful bids to create new vessels, Dragos has since diversified into a wider array of products, ranging from household electronics, to military armaments, and with it, a name change to Dragos Industrial.


Robert Dragos was born in 2048 CE, on Arxune, roughly four kilometers from where the headquarters of Dragos Industrial stands now. He studied engineering at the Central Academy on Sanctuary, before returning to Arxune, where he spent several years working in various shipyards and manufacturing facilities. At age twenty-six, he began seeking out investors for a new shipyard, that he felt he could run more efficiently than several he had previously worked for. He was able to successfully acquire funding, which he used to found the Dragos Shipbuilding Company. He would pass away in an accident at one of the company shipyards in 2115 CE at the age of 67.



  • Damari, Ciaran - Director of Operations - Tien
  • Dragos, Ethan - Chief Operating Officer
  • Dragos, Robert - Founder
  • Dragos, Robert III - Chief Executive Officer
  • Thompson, Sophie - Executive Assistant